HiKOKI Power Tools launches the CV18DA Multitool

HiKOKI Power Tools launches the CV18DA Multitool

Tool-less blade changes and on-site versatility: Elevate your work with HiKOKI’s CV18DA Multitool, a great addition to any toolkit thanks to its precision and performance. The CV18DA Multitool, which features a new and improved tool-less blade change feature, marries brushless motor technology with a design that’s both nimble and robust.  

The HiKOKI CV18DA Multitool is a master of adaptability, accepting both Starlock and OIS blades all with a quick and easy tool-free blade exchange system. This swift swap capability also allows you to transition between accessories with ease. This Multitool’s lightweight build and ergonomic grip mean you can navigate the tightest corners or stubborn jobs without sacrificing comfort or control. It is the perfect tool for busy tradespeople, ensuring that no time is wasted.  

This next generation Multitool features HiKOKI’s UVP anti-vibration technology for superior control, ensuring smooth operation while keeping vibrations to a minimum. Its compact control and ergonomic design make it ideal for hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that even the most intricate tasks in confined spaces can be tackled with precision and ease.  

The Multitool’s low vibration body also makes it really comfortable to use, especially during extended run times as it reduces fatigue and enhances both control and accuracy. Adding to its user-friendly design is an integrated LED light, which improves visibility in poorly lit areas, a common scenario for many tradespeople. 

Operating at an oscillation angle of 3.6 degrees and offering a no-load speed range of 6,000 to 20,000/min, the HiKOKI CV18DA Multitool is adept at everything from cutting and scraping to sanding. With an overall length of 327 mm and a weight of just 1.2 kg (excluding the battery), this is a user-friendly, lightweight companion on construction sites.  

All this is backed up with three year and five-year, Heavy-Duty warranties, subject to product registration and terms and conditions, giving you extra peace of mind.  

For more details visit www.hikoki-powertools.co.uk 

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