Plasterers Are the Toughest According to Swarfega

Plasterers Are the Toughest According to Swarfega

Plasterers Scoop Swarfega’s Toughest Trade 2018 Title, following a hard-fought battle of the trades on social media over the past month.

Vying for the top spot in Swarfega’s coveted Toughest Trade Award 2018, trades people across Britain sent in pictures of their toughest task. Using the Swarfega Tough-o-meter, Swarfega judged all the entries with the toughest tasks rated as ‘Tough as Vinnie Jones’ and the softest entries gaining a rating of ‘Tough as a Cup of Tea’.

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The plasterer

Giving his trade a tough name, plasterer, Russell Ennis, scooped the title of Toughest Tradesperson 2018, winning a £200 Amazon voucher as well as serious respect. Russell’s entry came out top as it showed him plastering a huge vaulted ceiling and was closely followed by a number of the other plastering & building entries.

Not only were there lots of fantastic entries, there has been some great banter with most of the trades getting stuck in. Mechanics made up the highest number of entrants with nearly 20% coming from this sector. Next up were plumbers and plasterers who were both keen to make sure that their trade was well represented. Farmers, roofers and welders all made a case for their trade too in this hotly contested battle.

There were strong entries from across the trades, making the task of choosing a winner challenging. Here are the four runners up, coming in behind plasterers in Swarfega’s Top 5 Toughest Trades 2018:

• Coming in at number 5 are Plumbers, represented by Charlie Nash, the Victorian-chimney-sweep-sized plumber who sent in a picture of the macerator he was maintaining in a tiny loft space.
• Reaching for the sky hooks at number 4…. are Linesmen who maintain the electricity distribution network, one Linesman entry explained why he believes their trade is the Toughest: “Out at all hours of the day, in ALL weather conditions bar-NONE. Working with live cables, heavy plant, corrosive chemicals, climbing poles and towers.”
• Mechanics grab third place from Swarfega, with a great entry showing why this trade is a Tough one to crack.
• Scaffolders get second place from Swarfega in 2018, with offshore scaffolder, Graeme Lang stating “working in the middle of the sea in all storms and weathers scaffolding over the sea is tough! I’ve been hanging by my nuts over the sea for 15 years” (his words not ours!) – there can be no doubt that offshore scaffolding is a Tough Trade!

As a thank you for getting involved, Swarfega is sending out a Tough by Swarfega shower gel to the first 50 applicants in this year’s contest.

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