ProVan: Watch the Latest Van Lights in Action

ProVan: Watch the Latest Van Lights in Action

ProVan has released a range of high performance, direct replacement workspace lights for vans.

This new range is compatible with the leading van makes and models and, according to the company, are 7 x brighter than the manufacturer’s light, whilst using only half the power, creating a safer working environment.

Read Roger Bisby’s verdict on the ProVan Light here.

The ProVan light fits into the original aperture & connector, meaning no wiring, additional holes or drilling is required, and it is designed to be quick and easy to install – less than 30 seconds.


Watch the ProVan Light in action below.

The word from ProVan

How do I fit it? And how long does it take?

ProVan will take less than 30 seconds to fit. It’s designed to be installed and get you working asap. Just pop out the existing factory fit light. Unplug it from the van’s connectors. Push the light’s plug into the van connector and then push the light into the existing aperture.

ProVan uses the connectors and holes already built into the Van by the manufacturer. It just uses them better. ProVan gives up to seven times more light and uses half the power of your factory fit lights. This means you also have less drain on your battery and your lights will work for longer in your van.

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