PipeSnug: Inventor’s Corner Showcase WATCH

PipeSnug: Inventor’s Corner Showcase WATCH

In a new feature, Professional Builder has a chat with the guys behind Pipesnug, a new invention for fixing drainage pipes to an exterior wall. Chris Burdett and Alex Lever’s product provides a quick and easy finish for around an exit pipe.

Watch our video below to see how the guys have provided a solution to avoid messing around with mortar or expanding foam.

“The PipeSnug concept came to me out on site one day when I was preparing to point mortar around a waste pipe for what seemed like the millionth time,” explains Chris.

“I realised a simple fitting would save so much time compared to mixing mortar or siliconing around the pipe, as well as blending into the fabric of the building visually. It has been designed specifically to fit the elbow joint on 32 and 40mm waste pipes, once you have drilled the hole using a 52mm core drill.”

A builder and bricklayer with over 25 years’ experience in the trade, building is in the blood as Chris’s father ran a building company in Luton. Working in and around the relatively wealthy commuter town of Harpenden has helped ensure Living Space has survived various downturns and prospered with extensions and loft conversions.

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