Painter and Decorators must have products

Painter and Decorators must have products


A new water-based exterior trim product that is as durable as its solvent-based equivalent. That’s how Dulux Trade is describing its Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior High Gloss. The high gloss paint offers a new and improved formula, incorporating an alkyd emulsion that helps guarantee eight years of all-weather protection for wood and metal surfaces, with increased resistance to weathering, improved aesthetics and superior gloss.


Setcrete High Performance floor levelling compound is recommended for smoothing flooring screeds that contain underfloor heating systems, prior to the installation of a floor covering. The fibre-reinforced formulation can also be used to encapsulate mesh-mounted wire UFH systems installed over both screeds and well-fixed timber (plywood) subfloors.


The styrene-free, low odour formulation of both Everbuild Anchorset Green and Sika AnchorFix-1makes them more pleasant to work with than other similar products, according to the manufacturer, Sika Everbuild. These Sika chemical anchors offer a strong two-part process which is a reliable way to anchor metal fixings.


From three-dimensional effects to pictorial influences, pop trends, tributes to the plant and animal kingdom or geometric minimalism, up to the rediscovery of ancient weaves and the interpretation of light and colour in the atmosphere: Spaghetti Wall wallpapers offer a diverse range. Images and textures can be used to cover surfaces or create decorative frames in interior projects.

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