McAlpine’s MACXSEAL gets seal of approval from the trade

McAlpine’s MACXSEAL gets seal of approval from the trade

McAlpine Plumbing Products says it is delighted with the response to its MACXSEAL sealant and adhesive from tradespeople. The company gave samples of its powerful product to several plumbing and heating engineers and asked them to give the McAlpine team some honest feedback.

“It’s easy to use goes on really nice and smooths really easy too with a Silicone tool and it stays crystal clear,” says one installer. Another tradesperson who used it on a bathroom installation with a shower commented, “I sealed the shower tray to the wall and made the waste in with confidence. I also sealed the bath to the wall and finally all the necessary shower screen joints. I found MACXSEAL easy to apply and I had no leaks or issues.”

“We are delighted with the response to the product from the trade,” says Ross McAlpine. “Getting our products tested and receiving feedback is part of our ‘No Compromise’ stance on product quality. These responses are fantastic and a real seal of approval from our customers – MACXSEAL is perfect not just for our products but many other jobs too.”

McAlpine developed MACXSEAL to be the only approved sealant and adhesive that can be used on its products. When the company investigated the use of sealants and adhesives on its products, it was not satisfied with those products which are acetoxy. When acetoxy silicone is used with plastic plumbing products, it can cause a degradation in the plastic which makes it splinter and break. This breakdown leads to stress cracking, which leads to leaks. McAlpine was also keen to have a product that contained no solvents or isocyanates which can cause skin irritation and breathing difficulties.

Consequently, MACXSEAL’s powerful formula sticks, seals and fills without damaging McAlpine products, and bonds, cures and seals quickly. MACXSEAL works fast, has a high strength grab and is resistant to UV radiation and general weathering. It is available in Brilliant White and Super Clear and unlike sealants with a lower specification, it will not discolour or turn yellow over time.

MACXSEAL is a Hybrid Polymer, solvent-free sealant and adhesive based on the latest polymer technology. It contains a fungicide to combat mould and bacteria growth and once applied, the cured product has good abrasion, oil, and solvent resistance. Used correctly, it will last over 20 years.

Thanks to its ‘no compromise’ abilities, MACXSEAL is perfect for many different sealant and adhesive jobs. It is perfect for sealing baths, sinks, vanity units and toilets, tiles, mirrors, metals, wood, stone, concrete, marble and brick. You can even use MACXSEAL on wet surfaces.

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