Makita’s top products decorators should have

Makita’s top products decorators should have

Next up in Makita’s Toolbox series, the team open the lid on the products that decorators should always have to hand.

It is the invisible part of the job but, the preparation of surfaces is crucial in achieving the perfect finish for any painting and decorating task. When it comes to plastered walls and ceilings, decorators should choose a sander that offers maximum flexibility to cover the entire work area quickly and effortlessly.

One such machine is the DSL800 18V LXT Brushless Drywall Sander. Its adjustable telescopic pole (which ranges from 1,100mm to 1,520mm in length) and the optional 199937-7 extension handle (which increases the overall length to 2,100mm) mean even high walls and ceilings can be reached with ease. What’s more, the top of the pad guard can be removed when sanding close to corners, so even tight, hard to reach areas can be sanded to achieve a professional finish.

To ensure optimum operation, the rotation speed of the DSL800 can be adjusted to suit the material. The DSL800 also includes constant speed control, which keeps the rotating speed steady regardless of the load conditions to create a fine and even finish.

As any professional decorator will know, it is vital to ensure that measures are taken to reduce the amount of airborne dust produced during tasks such as sanding. Cleverly, when used with the 191A40-6 wireless unit adaptor, the DSL800 sander can sync with compatible Makita dust extractors (read below for more information on this). Known as the Auto-start Wireless System, this allows the tool and the dust extractor to connect via Bluetooth so that the dust extractor automatically runs when the machine is in use – and stops when the tool is powered down. Not only does this eliminate cords, it also reduces excessive jobsite noise – as the extractor only operates while the tool is in use.


Stripping matters

For stripping paint and varnish and drying filler we recommend the HG5030K Heat Gun. This machine can reach up to 500°C and the easy to operate slide switch means users can effortlessly change the temperature and air flow settings depending on the task.

The tool comes with four nozzles for use on different applications such as glass or plastic, or when thawing or drying. To ensure user safety and keep the machine working at its optimum, the HG5030K includes overheat protection to prevent damage.


Mixing made easy

When mixing paint, the DUT130Z 18V LXT Brushless Mixer is ideal. Powered by the manufacturer’s leading 18V LXT battery technology, this lightweight model can deliver up to 1,300rpm under no load and is perfect for larger projects as it can be moved around the work area effortlessly and without the constraints of a power lead.

Suitable for mixing paddles up to 165mm with a M14 thread to tackle any job, the tool is equipped with a variable speed trigger, mechanical 2-speed control, and for reduced user fatigue, a lock on switch when operating the mixer for long periods.

The DUT130Z has been designed for durability and includes a number of innovative features that protect it from damage and ensure it continues to work at optimum efficiency. The tool incorporates protective covers to shield the unit, switches and the battery from splashes, and the company’s XPT technology provides further water resistance by protecting against dust and moisture ingress. The enclosed battery compartment means that the battery is also protected during operation.

Your toolbox checklist: 

  1. Pole sander – to create smooth surfaces for a quality finish. Extended reach makes it easier to tackle high walls, ceilings and hard-to-reach corners.
  2. Heat gun – perfect for stripping wallpaper, paint and varnish, softening adhesives or drying filler and putty.
  3. Random orbital sander – also known as a finishing sander, this can be used to round sharp edges and create smooth surfaces. <IMAGE: BBO180_1>
  4. Multi-tool – can be used across a wide range of applications including cutting, sanding, grinding and finishing all using one machine. <IMAGE: DTM51_1>
  5. Paddle mixer – for stirring building materials including prefab plaster, gypsum, lime and concrete, as well as paint. <IMAGE: UT1200_1>


A typical working day will often encompass tasks that produce high quantities of dust and it is vital that measures are taken to reduce the operator’s (and customer’s) exposure. As well as wearing the correct PPE, professionals should ensure that dust extraction is used. Always make sure that the dust extractor is suited to the application, material and machine.

For example, when using the DSL800 to sand plasterboard or for general cleaning the VC2012L L Class dust extractor can be used. The automatic on/off function means that this extractor can be paired with the DSL800 using the 191A40-6 wireless unit adaptor, so that when the tool is powered on the extractor automatically starts, protecting those on site.

Makita also stocks a selection of sanding sheets for use with its sanders and multi-tools. With a wide range to choose from, operators can select the grit needed to achieve the perfect finish.

The 199937-7 extension handle set makes sanding high walls and ceilings with the DSL800 easier by adding an additional 57cm of reach.

Look after your knees! The E-05658 ultimate knee pad set with high-density foam padding and heavy duty caps helps to provide comfort – and the pads’ design means that they are held securely in place and will not slip or roll. The pads do not mark or damage surfaces.

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