Makita’s must have tools for electricians

Makita’s must have tools for electricians

Next up in our series with Makita, the team open the lid on an electrician’s toolbox.

The first must-have product is Makita’s SG1251 Wall Chaser. This 1,400W corded machine is ideal for cutting clean and accurate channels in brick and concrete to run cables or install trunking. It features a nine-stage adjustable cutting width and depth so users can easily adapt the machine to suit the task in hand.

The tool has been ergonomically designed with a rubberised soft grip, enabling users to operate the machine for extended periods of time with minimal fatigue. The inclusion of soft start technology and constant speed control also ensure that output is optimised for ease of use.

To improve operator safety and extend the lifetime of the machine, the SG1251 features Makita’s Super Joint System (SJS) which reduces vibration against the main body of the machine. It also features an electronic current limiter that works to prevent overload.

The machine features a specially designed dust extraction guard that minimises the amount of airborne dust produced during operation. As always, when cutting materials such as concrete, brick and plasterboard it is recommended to use an M-Class dust extractor when using the SG1251 to protect against dust inhalation.


Once the chase has been cut, a three function SDS+ rotary hammer drill such as the DHR202 18V LXT model should be used in chiselling mode to remove the central core of the cut. The DHR202 includes a one touch sliding chuck for easy bit installation and removal and has 40 different bit angle settings. Users can also switch between ‘rotation’ and ‘hammering’ modes without rotating the chuck for a quick and easy transition between tasks. Alternatively, the DHR242RTWJ is an 18V Brushless model supplied with Makita’s DX06 dust collection system that can be directly attached for drilling applications, or simply removed for chasing applications.

Electricians should also have an angle drill at hand to drill or screw in tight spaces and between joists or timber batons where an in-line drill might not be suitable. There are several choices available within Makita’s LXT range to suit various applications, including the DDA351 (18V) with keyless chuck to cover general screwdriving and drilling up to 25mm in wood and the larger DDA450 (18V) that will drill up to 38mm in wood (65mm with a self-feed wood bit).


To tackle larger diameter drilling applications up to 50mm (118mm with a self-feed bit) the DDA460 is ideal as it delivers a massive 136Nm of torque. It has been designed so that the front handle can be installed in any position between 0-112.5 degrees, making it easy to adjust the angle of the tool for easier and safer operation.

The DDA460 features two mechanical gears as well as forward and reverse rotation – and Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) automatically adjusts the drilling speed according to the load conditions for optimum operation. To improve user safety, this machine also has an auto power-off function that shuts down the tool if the trigger is not pulled for five minutes.

Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Wall chaser – for accurately cutting chases in brick or concrete for running cables or trunking.
  2. 3 function SDS+ rotary hammer drill – can be used in chiselling mode to remove the central core of a cut made using a wall chaser.
  3. Angle drill – for drilling and screwing in tight or awkward spaces where an in-line drill may not fit.
  4. Multi tool – useful for cutting out holes in plasterboard or dry lined walls for sockets or light switches.
  5. 115mm grinder – ideal for cutting metal conduit pipe, cable trays and trunking.
  6. Metal cut saw – can be used for cold cutting metal conduit pipe, cable trays and trunking and can be fitted with a specialist metal cutting blade for longer life.


Accessories to suit the above core range:

The P-51851 electricians kit includes pliers, insulated screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers and a selection of power tool accessories that are all regularly used throughout the working day.

In addition, the E-05181 Ultimate Electricians Pouch keeps key tools readily to hand on site. It can be easily attached to the user’s belt and the large front pocket with anti-slip webbing is ideal for securely holding power tools whilst working at height or carrying machines when moving across a larger work area. For holding smaller items, the E-05181 also includes different sized elastic loops and additional accessories can be clipped on to the leather strap with metal eyelet.

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