WD-40’s game changing specialist cutting oil

WD-40’s game changing specialist cutting oil

A specialist cutting oil has been heralded as a game changer for carpenters…by a carpenter.

“That’s going to extend the life of my saw blade…” was the exciting verdict of a carpenter specialising in building wooden decking when handed a can of Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil from WD-40’s Specialist range.

Like so many tradesmen and women, our ‘chippy’ friend is a seasoned user of WD-40 Multi Use Product, and one of the many roles he uses it for is constantly spraying liberal amounts on to his circular saw blade to help it slice through the endless 3x2s, 4x4s and not forgetting the countless 6×1-in. thick decking planks that challenge him.

His idea being that the lubricant ensures the neatest of splinter-free cuts to ensure a true professional finish and, because of the ease of cuts, WD-40 MUP extends the life of his blade.

The only ‘issue’ with MUP – if you want to call it a problem – is that it runs straight off the vertical blade or evaporates, a process that is speeded up the moment it’s fired into action and said blade spins at thousands of revolutions a minute…

But that’s where Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil comes in to its own. Its properties ensure the solution ‘sticks’ to the blade for far longer, ensuring a precise and easy hot-knife-through-butter cut time and time again.

To test our carpenters’ theory, we replaced his blade with a new, mid-range one costing £24.99 at the start of a week-long build that included a raised frame made from treated 5x2in. joists mated to sturdy 4x4in. posts, intricate steps and two deep planters. As our carpenter was true to his trade, he opted for cutting joints rather than using metal braces and brackets. To further test the theory, we opted for the harder Siberian Larch decking planks and capped it all off with a half pagoda.

By rights, our carpenter would have been reaching for a new blade at the end of the frame-build to ensure the neatest of cuts to his decking planks, particularly as the Larch is as expensive as you can arguably get for decking.

But, true to his theory, a regular dose – and with that we mean every fourth or fifth cut rather than every single time the saw is used – of Cutting Oil ensured a single blade was used for the entire job, and then two further projects before there was a hint of ware. Significantly, too, is the fact less than a third of a can of WD-40 Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil was used in the process.

“I’m completely stunned.” That was the summary of our carpenter: “while I knew WD-40 produced Cutting Oil, I’ve never given it a second thought but it really is a game changer for me.

“The fact it stays on the blade longer really does help the saw to cut through wood with complete ease. The finish is far sharper lines and a blade that has lasted me three times as long as I’ve previously experienced.”

For further information on Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil from WD-40’s Specialist range visit https://wd40.co.uk/product/multi-purpose-cutting-oil/

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