Tools and equipment products – January 2022

Tools and equipment products – January 2022


The Knipex TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers can be used to grip and loosen stuck bolts and screws, even with a worn profile. An asymmetrical pipe grip ensures that flat workpieces can also be machined from the side to optimum effect. Thanks to convenient push-button adjustment, the slim, ergonomic pliers also have five adjustment positions.


Thanks to a 40VMax brushless motor, the Makita XGT 260mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw provides a no load speed of up to 3,600rpm with cutting power that is comparable to corded machines. Its 48o bevel range and 60o mitre range are easily adjusted with quick lock and release, making it simple to achieve the cut required. 


The 600mm x 600mm Marshalltown Gatorback mortar board is manufactured from contoured, lightweight, UV-resistant polymer material that doesn’t conduct heat and features a reinforced ribbed backing that allows for large loads of mortar with little flex. The smooth surface is water resistant, increasing mortar life, with an integral carry handle.


Designed to tackle soil, clay, asphalt, mixed stone and pavers, Norton Clipper’s compactors includes two types: the CFP (forward only) and CRP, which can compact a larger surface area and be operated in both forward and reverse directions. The range also includes a CR16 upright rammer that is perfect for trenches and smaller projects.


It’s the high-tech breathable fabrics in the Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing which provides ventilation and body moisture transport. The Base-, Mid- and Toplayer garments are available in recycled polyester and merino wool as well as 37.5 technology ventilating fabric to suit different types of work in a variety of cold and wet weather conditions.


A new look for the WD-40 Company Specialist brand will help tradespeople select the right solution for the job at hand. There’s choice of nine lubricants, greases and cleaners available: High Performance White Lithium Grease, Long Lasting Spray Grease, Anti-Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant Spray, High Performance Silicone Lubricant, Fast Drying Contact Cleaner, Fast Release Penetrant Spray, Fast Acting Degreaser Spray, Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil and High Performance PTFE Lubricant.


The SMART Starlock range now features three Starlock compatible versions of its most popular blades from the universal open-back fitment Trade Series. This includes the Rapid Wood Blade, available in 32mm and 63mm, a 90mm Diamond segment blade for grout removal, and a Starlock compatible version of the Sanding Kit.




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