Installing Bushboard Nuance bathroom panels

Installing Bushboard Nuance bathroom panels

Bushboard guides us through the installation of its Nuance bathroom panels.

Bushboard Nuance bathroom panels are 100 per cent waterproof and provide a virtually seamless alternative to ceramic tiling for showers, bathrooms, WCs or even wetrooms. Bond Nuance panels to the wall with Bushboard’s own hardwearing BB complete adhesive and these striking panels are guaranteed for a full 15 years. Let’s take a look at the best way to install the panels.


Prior to installation, condition all panels and adhesives to room temperature for at least 24 hours. Ensure walls are dry, clean and free from damp. Care should be taken to ensure that walls are flat, even and free from dips as low spots will reduce the ability for the adhesive to grab.

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Essential materials & fixings

Use a ‘neutral’ cartridge to bond panels and upstands where the adhesive is not seen. Bushboard’s own adhesive generally provides sufficient grab, but occasionally panels may need to be braced temporarily until the adhesive cures. Use one 290ml cartridge per standard panel. Use coloured cartridges for sealing, seaming and jointing.

Cutting & drilling

You can cut the Nuance panels with standard wood working tools. Use standard high speed drill bits or circular hole saw cutters – do not use spade bits. Allow 3mm clearance around all cut outs and holes to be back filled with adhesive. Position the panel face up or down depending on the blade type and start all cuts in to the factory finished, postformed edge. Jigsaws should only be used to scribe curved shapes.

Installing postformed panels

Measure, mark and cut the panel to size allowing 2mm gap for the adhesive at 90° internal joint. Remove the tongue of the board, leaving the postformed edge intact. A 2mm gap should not be left where T&G panels connect.

Form cut outs and holes for services as required and dry fit the panels to test them first. Apply beads of adhesive, carefully lift the panel in place onto 5mm spacers to hold the panel above the shower tray in readiness for back filing with the adhesive. Press back firmly all over ensuring the necessary 2mm gap for more glue where the panels meet in a corner.

Allow the glue to cure for 24 hours before fitting the shower enclosure and accessories. When fixing accessories, ensure all loading is transferred through the panel to the wall. Smears or excess adhesive must be promptly cleaned away using white spirit.

Installing tongue and groove panels

Measure, mark and cut the panel to size. When starting from a corner remove the tongue leaving the groove edge intact as necessary. The scribed edge should be placed in the corner.

To ensure alignment, test fit the panel then remove it to clean the back face using a clean damp cloth and then allow it to dry. Apply beads of adhesive before lifting the panel into place, pressing it firmly into the wall all over.

Repeat the process for further connecting panels applying glue to each tongue and groove joint. Do not tap the groove edge of the panel to close the joint. Use mirror suction lifters to slide the panel up and down whilst pushing sideways to evenly squeeze out the adhesive, safely closing the gap. Immediately after assembling each joint, use white spirit to clean off any excess glue.

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