Ibstock explores the growing popularity of reconstituted walling stone

Ibstock explores the growing popularity of reconstituted walling stone

Chris Piper, Sales Director for Housing Developers at Ibstock, explores how reconstituted walling stone is continuing to grow in popularity with builders.

As construction professionals increasingly look to utilise building materials and methods that improve the cost efficiency, performance and sustainability of their projects, modern building components that are founded upon the values of natural materials are providing the perfect solution. When building a high end residential property, or undertaking a substantial renovation/extension project in geographical locations such as the Cotswolds, Yorkshire and Oxfordshire, achieving an authentic exterior is essential, not only to streamline the planning process, but ensure the property blends with its natural surroundings. Whilst choosing the natural stone of the specific region will appear the obvious choice, latest manufacturing advancements are providing professionals with premium reconstituted alternatives that are built upon the form of natural materials, whilst offering impressive cost, installation and performance benefits.

This is due to the materials being constructed of carefully selected blends of locally sourced natural aggregates and pigments, which are expertly combined with sand, cement and stones. The end result is a low maintenance building material that authentically reflects the texture and visual appearance of natural stone, at a fraction of the price. In some cases, specifying reconstituted options can cost just a quarter of the expenditure required for original stone equivalents, without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

As reconstituted walling stone features a through-colour construction that utilises aggregates from the natural stones it is replicating, this enables professionals to successfully reflect and sympathise with the native language of the area, as the profiles perfectly mirror the organic colouring. For example, recreating the rural appeal of the Light Ham of Somerset, or the Buff of the Cotswolds, can be achieved by choosing reconstituted walling stone in shades such as Milbourne or Penstone in rugged, rustic finishes including Traditional Cottage, Split Finish and Pitched Cottage.

The very nature of the construction process enables manufacturers to supply reconstituted stone in a range of course heights and lengths, which simplifies the installation process as the materials as easier to handle and install when compared to natural stone.

This supports professionals in achieving the same rustic finish in significantly less time, whilst also enabling the profiles to be easily installed in conjunction with additional building components, such as traditional brick and render, to meet each owner’s specific requirements.

For professionals working to tight time scales, the manufacturing process for reconstituted walling stone enables the materials to be delivered on site in a matter of weeks, compared to quarried natural stone that may have significantly longer lead times due to being affected by poor weather and the subsequent extraction issues that can arise. By choosing reconstituted options, builders can avoid any costly delays as they have the confidence the quantity of building materials they require will be on site, when they need them.

This, combined with the unrivalled performance, installation and visual appeal benefits, provides an affordable, yet effective, alternative to natural stone that sets the standard for a new generation of traditionally inspired contemporary properties that deliver real kerb appeal.

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