How builders can tap in to the latest home trends

How builders can tap in to the latest home trends

Nick Cowley, managing director at window and door manufacturer Euramax, explains how the construction industry can help customers achieve their aspirational living goals.

Combined with the growing interest in interior design and home renovation, often influenced by popular television shows, UK homeowners are becoming more invested in the appearance of their home. In fact, a study by NAEA Propertymark found that 98 per cent of homeowners have made improvements to their properties over the last five years, spending a total of £48 billion. But what can home builders do to help property owners realise their aspirations?

Open-plan living

Open plan has been a popular living choice for many years, as the layout creates the appearance of a larger space and combines several rooms to form a free-flowing and sociable area. In addition, indoor-outdoor living is a major home trend, with many homeowners seeking to create a bright and airy space that brings a slice of the outdoors into their homes.

However, due to budgets and space, not all homeowners can make this a reality. For example, a terraced homeowner might not have the space, permission or budget to knock down walls to create an open plan living area.

This is where additions such as bi-folding doors are able to act as a replacement for an open plan space. These doors have the ability to open up a space by allowing more light into the room, creating the impression of a larger, brighter and more open space. As the installation of bi-folding doors requires no extensive alternations or renovation to the home, they prove to be a simple yet effective recommendation for customers living in smaller properties.

Smart technology

The desire for smart technology is increasing, with popular devices such as taps, thermostats and lighting filling UK homes. In fact, 57 per cent of homes in the UK are now equipped with a smart device. This technology appeals to customers that want to live in a high-tech home, using technology to enhance their life by making tasks simpler.

While most devices are purposed inside a home, there are features such as sensors and locking systems for exterior windows and doors that can help to enhance your customers high-tech desire ever further.

Sensors can be fitted to doors and windows that alert the homeowner if they have left the house without closing windows or locking doors, whereas automated locking systems enable remote locking from outside of the house.  

Cosy living

From the high-tech home, to the cosy cottage — no two customers are the same. While some seek a home adorned with all the mod cons, others may dream of spending their days somewhere more traditional. At the same time, housebuilding (at least before coronavirus) in the UK is at a 30-year high, with more than 240,000 properties added to the country’s housing stock in 2018-19. With more people moving into new build homes, this traditional aspiration could seem difficult to achieve.

Therefore, it’s important that builders of new homes are able to add touches of this aspiration to their designs. One way to make this possible is by assessing the windows and doors. Making a change to the material and colour of a door or window could make a significant difference to the appearance of the house.

While composite doors are considered to be a modern option, and many customers may assume they do not match more traditional aesthetics, Euramax supplies a range of composite doors that are available in a woodgrain finish. This finish is available in a range of traditional wood options, which can enhance the traditional cosy aesthetic for this particular home. The same colour and finish can also be applied to windows. Furthermore, composite doors are thermally efficient, ensuring that the home is extra cosy.

While we may not be able to help our customers predict the winning lottery numbers, it’s still possible to help some of their home aspirations become a reality. Providing customers with products that have the ability to not only transform their home, but help to achieve what they aspire, will bring your customers’ dreams to life.


Nick Cowley


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