Get organised for 2020

Get organised for 2020

Want to get 2020 off to a flying start? Build Aviator has some advice for you.

If spring is for cleaning, then the New Year is definitely for organising. Organising yourself, your family and your upcoming workload. At this time of year, as we start to head into the festive season, everyone is beginning to wind down and focus on the upcoming Christmas break. However, if you’re struggling to get into the festive spirit because you’re hectically worrying about how to get started on next year’s projects, then we have the solution for you. 

Build Aviator wants to help to ensure that you and your workforce aren’t coming back after your Christmas break to chaos or hazards. They say it’s never too early to start planning and getting organised, so our estimating service has been designed to allow you to have complete confidence when organising your upcoming deadlines. By simply uploading your plans and selecting your turnaround time your project will be analysed and priced within a matter of days by an experienced ex-trade expert – it’s a service created by builders for builders. They know the importance of meeting deadlines and submitting accurate prices so they work hard to ensure everything you receive is nothing but specific. You will receive detailed, professional and job-winning reports and all you have to do it hand them over to your client and wait for them to be impressed. By passing the paperwork, we help to take the stress out of your estimating and work with you to organise your business and your projects. 

Professional quotes

 At this time of year, it’s easy to get swept up and carried away with planning for Christmas and the party season. Build Aviator’s estimating software provides the calm during this hectic and fast paced season. The software allows you to easily create professional quotes anywhere with an internet connection, enabling you to price your upcoming projects at a time and place most convenient to you – you can even price from your van if you need to!

The software not only saves you time, so you can fit in and organise that extra project, but it also gives you the certainty you can’t get by pricing a build yourself. The program has everything in one place and takes you through the build logically, so organising and pricing work has never been simpler. It breaks the schedule down into sections and weeks so it makes it hard to forget anything and keeps the build on track. This software feature allows you to not only pre-plan your work and but also to organise yourself and your employees.

Different software packages are available which have been designed to suit all types of construction workers. Aviator Raptor is created for pricing new build work and Aviator Lite Office has been designed for those small works and trade specific tasks. If you’re a builder who works on a variety of projects then the General Builders Pack is the perfect solution as it features both software programs. 


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