Checkatrade breaks down the costs of repairing the iconic Skyfall house, James Bond’s ancestral home

Checkatrade breaks down the costs of repairing the iconic Skyfall house, James Bond’s ancestral home

To mark the release of the highly anticipated new James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ on the 30th September, Checkatrade, the UK’s number one website for finding a tradesperson has created a cost guide breaking down the costs of repairing the iconic Skyfall house.

007 fans will remember that Skyfall Lodge, Bond’s ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands, came to a messy end in the 2012 hit film after a standoff between Daniel Craig and his arch-enemy Raoul Silva, where it was almost entirely destroyed.

According to Checkatrade, to understand the repair costs, we must look at the damages first, and there are quite a few:

  • The walls and windows sustained heavy damage from helicopter fire
  • This was followed by gunfire from Silva and his henchmen
  • Grenades tossed through the windows caused intense fires, before Bond himself triggered a huge explosion with a homemade gas canister bomb
  • As if all that wasn’t enough, the bomb explosion damaged the helicopter, which then crashes into the house and exploded in an enormous fireball

Costs to rebuild Skyfall Lodge:

  • As Skyfall Lodge was so badly damaged, nothing but perhaps the foundations could be saved. Making some assumptions about the size, style, and materials we can estimate that rebuilding a house like Skyfall Lodge could cost around £1.8 million.
  • It’s important to remember that the rebuilding cost varies hugely depending on location. For example, it would be more expensive to build in a remote location such as the Scottish Highlands due to haulage costs.
  • Once you’d gone to the trouble of rebuilding the house from scratch, you’d need to replace the dark oak wood floors at around £65/square metre.
  • Traditional wood panelling would be between £79 and £250/panel
  • A wood staircase at around £8,250
  • One of the biggest expenses would be the grand stone fireplace, which could cost between £1,500 and £3,500 to replace.

If Skyfall Lodge was a real property, it’s estimated that it would be worth around £2.2 million today!



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