Eclisse launches new pocket door systems

Eclisse launches new pocket door systems

Eclisse has launched new pocket door systems to suit popular stud work sizes.

Eclisse has been supplying the construction market with high quality and competitively priced pocket door systems for over 30 years. The company’s vast range of pocket door systems are constructed from galvanised steel, and all are assembled into a pocket door frame with pocket before inserting into studwork which saves time, eliminates the need to cut the frame to size and ensures a perfect opening and closing action when installed plumb and inline.

Until now most pocket door systems have catered for 3” and 4” stud, but given the popularity of CLS (63mm and 89mm) and metal stud C Stud (70mm and 92mm) Eclisse has launched a new range of pocket door frames that assemble to a thickness of 70 and 90mm to match these stud sizes.

Installing a pocket door is not complicated but if you haven’t done it before you may not be familiar with a few things you need to think about before you purchase one.

  • Sizing a pocket door – finished wall thickness and stud sizes
  • Ease of assembly and installation of different brands of pocket door systems

Sizing a Pocket Door

All the manufacturer’s products have comprehensive technical specs that can be found on its website, listing the overall frame size once assembled, the door panel size that fits that particular frame and finished wall thickness. To size a pocket door system you need to take into account:

  • The overall wall/space available to ensure that it fits the overall frame size of the pocket door frame allowing it to be screwed into stud ether side and above. You can then check what door panel size will fit this particular frame size.
  • Or if you have a door panel size in mind you want to use, you can find the overall pocket door frame size on the technical spec and ensure that the frame size will fit into the overall space available taking into account the need to screw the frame into stud either side and above.

You will also need to take into account the overall finished wall thickness and thickness of your studwork.

  • Finished wall thickness: This is the thickness of the frame plus a layer of standard 12.5mm plasterboard either side. A number of the most popular pocket door frames in the Eclisse range will actually assemble to two sizes of thickness. However, you do need to choose the thickness you require at time of purchase because the jamb kit that is supplied with it is size specific.
  • Studwork sizes: Although 3” and 4” (75 and 100mm) timber stud is sold with these nominal thicknesses in reality it is actually 63mm and 89mm thick. Steel stud is generally either 70mm or 92mm.


This is why Eclisse is launching a new range of 70/90mm frames (i.e. frames with a finished wall thickness of 95mm and 115mm when installed with a single layer of standard 12.5mm plasterboard either side.

70mm Pocket Door System:

90mm Pocket Door System:





For Example:

  • Timber 63mm CLS stud (with one 6mm plasterboard) and Steel 70mm stud match the 70mm ECLISSE pocket door frame
  • Timber 89mm CLS and Steel 92mm stud match the 90mm ECLISSE pocket door frame

Ease of assembly and Installation

Eclisse prides itself on keeping things simple from start to finish, beginning with the ordering process and expert customer service, all the way down to installation. The overall aim is to retain the highest quality of pocket door system, and creating this solution has allowed the manufacturer to excel against the market, creating more accessible systems for all projects and builds.

A kit that fits: Due to the Eclisse frame not needing to be pre-cut to size, it eliminates wasted time and makes sure you get the perfect fit every time. They even offer bespoke sized pocket door frames.

Quick click frame assembly: The company’s quick-click pocket door frames can be assembled by simply clicking the metal section together with ease.

No alignment issues: A complete pocket door frame that will fit as a full unit, helping the door to run true and inline.

The difference is in the detail
Eclisse has made many developments over the years, including strength improvements and speedy frame assembly, but one of the most recent improvements of the new frames are the horizontals with perforated profiles. This eliminates the need for pre-drilling when installing the plasterboard, making the installation process quicker and simpler.

So, when you’re looking for a great option with everything you need for a fantastic finish with use, choose the brand you can trust.

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