Advertisement Feature: The Encon Group reviews specialist plasterboards

Advertisement Feature: The Encon Group reviews specialist plasterboards

The Encon Group reviews specialist plasterboards and the benefits to builders in an evolving market.

Standard plasterboard is often seen as a solid all-round solution for refurbishment projects. But with changes in legislation and the evolving needs of homeowners, specialist boards and their suitability to specific project requirements are increasingly important considerations.

The right board for the job

Traditionally for home improvement projects, contractors visit their local merchant and will select the materials they regularly purchase to complete the job.

However, legislative change and new regulatory standards means contractors need to review their approach to product selection, so projects meet current performance requirements backed by valid certification. It’s important to also consider shifts in homeowner lifestyles as they continue to adapt their total living space to suit family life and profession.

It can be a challenge to know which products provide the best performance for the project in hand or for the changing needs of the homeowner. Often, it’s just easier to stick with what you know. Standard plasterboard, for example, is often perceived as a commodity fix-all. Builders are likely to buy the same board and accessories for an extension as they would for a new kitchen, bathroom or partition wall and make it work.

Specialist v Standard

While standard board remains a versatile option for many RMI projects, the benefits of specialist products for given applications must be considered too. Knauf’s range of specialist boards are designed with characteristics to meet specific project needs.

Knauf Moisture Panel contains additives in the board that makes it ideal for bathrooms or kitchens. Moisture Panel also gives a better finish than standard board, ensures less snags like tile popping, and is more cost effective. Standard board would usually require extra components for moisture protection, and the contractor may need to return to rectify issues.

Knauf Soundshield Plus combines effective acoustic control with impact and fire resistance. With the need or desire for quieter space in the home, achieving the right acoustics is important as homeowners look to balance work and family in the same building.

Knauf Fire Panel contains additives that enhance the fire-resistant properties within the board and provide superior fire protection over standard board and peace of mind. With fire as one of the major causes of damage within our homes, fire protection is perhaps the most critical area to note, greatly influenced by new regulations and a determined focus on culture change in building safety.

Knowledge & Confidence

Moving from products that are most familiar to you can be daunting, but leaning on the knowledge and support of manufacturers and your local merchant will help identify the right solutions for your project.

Knauf provides training and support through dedicated technical teams, as well technical data sheets, test certification and specification expertise, all of which are also accessible via their stockist and distribution partners. Training covers common issues encountered in specific applications and guidance on which board is best suited to deliver the required results.

Encon Specialist Distributor

The Encon Group is the UK leading independent distributor of building solutions, with specialist distribution divisions across the Group. In partnership with Knauf and other leading brands, our nationwide branches supply builders’ merchants with a wide choice of building materials, including high-performance insulation, boards, drywall systems and accessories, and more.

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