A Q&A with Stonelux on its Brick Repair range

A Q&A with Stonelux on its Brick Repair range

Restore masonry with the Stonelux Brick Repair range. Professional Builder puts the questions to the manufacturer. 


Q. Tell us about Stonelux Brick Filler?

A pre-mixed solution that’s specially formulated for both interior and exterior applications, Stonelux Brick Repair Filler features a textured formulation that mimics the appearance of natural brick. It will seamlessly blend with existing brickwork, ensuring a repair that is virtually invisible. 

Before using Stonelux Brick Filler
After using Stonelux Brick Filler

Q. What kind of repairs can it tackle and what colours are available?

From minor chips and cracks to drill holes and other damage, the filler will tackle a wide range of needs, enabling you to restore the integrity and beauty of brick surfaces effortlessly. In order to blend repairs into the existing brickwork there’s a selection of 11 popular brick shades.

Q. How about if I want a different colour?

That’s no problem eithersimply blend colours together or enhance shade precision with compatible Stonelux Pigments.   

Q. What about Stonelux Brick Tint?  

This premium-grade brick tint is designed to enhance and restore the natural beauty of porous masonry. With it you can say goodbye to unsightly patches and mismatched bricks, and effectively conceal repairs, and colour corrections by blending flawlessly with existing brickwork.

Q. How durable is the solution and is there any on-going maintenance?  

Not only is it hard wearing but it will equally avoid the need for expensive brick replacements. An advanced formula ensures deep penetration into the pores of the brick or stone surface. As a result, a permanent stain is achieved that does not alter the natural makeup of the substrate. This tough yet breathable solution will not require any touch ups or maintenance.

Q. Can I use Stonelux Brick Coating on non-porous masonry and brickwork that’s been painted?

Absolutely. Unlike traditional brick tints, Stonelux Brick Coating can be used on non-porous masonry and will restore brickwork that has been previously painted. This brick effect paint transforms the appearance of brickwork and seamlessly conceals imperfections.

There’s no more frustration with visible repair work, unsightly stains or mis-matched bricks. Instead, you can quickly and easily mask imperfections and tie in mismatched bricks with existing masonry. You can also deal with unsightly graffiti and bothersome stains and spills.

Before using Stonelux Brick Coating
After using Stonelux Brick Coating

Q. What’s the colour range?

As with the Brick Repair Filler, there’s 11 popular brick colours, all colours are intermixable, with compatible Stonelux Pigments available for further colour customisation. From traditional warm red tones to contemporary greys, Brick Coating offers endless possibilities for personalisation.  

For more information on the Stonelux Brick Repair Range or to explore its stone effect paints, visit www.stonelux.co.uk  

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