Advertisement Feature: Thompson’s® Product Selector

Advertisement Feature: Thompson’s® Product Selector

Use the links below and you can watch a video of these Thompson’s solutions in action

Patios, block paving and driveways 

Thompson’s Patio & Block Paving Seal 


Thompson’s One Coat Patio & Block Paving Seal 

Advanced Patio and Block Paving Cleaner 

Oil and Drive Cleaner 


Quick Drying Drive Seal 


Thompson’s Water Seal 

  • Stops water penetration, to provide long-lasting waterproof protection 
  • Stops freeze thaw damage 
  • Use on brick, concrete, stone and wood 
  • View the video here: Thompson’s Water Seal (

Thompson’s One Coat Water Seal 

Advanced Brick & Mortar Cleaner 


10 Year Roof Seal 

  • Flexes with the natural movement of the roof, for a long-lasting repair 
  • Protects against the sun’s UV rays 
  • Fast acting formula is rainproof in just six hours 
  • View the video here: Thompson’s 10 Year Roof Seal (

Emergency Roof Seal 

Emergency Roof Repair Mastic 

  • Dries immediately 
  • Fills and bridges gaps leaving a watertight repair 
  • Can be used in heavy rain or under ponding water

Emergency Instant Repair Aerosol 

  • Can be applied to damp surfaces 
  • Effective immediately
  • Delivers a watertight seal for leaking gutters and downpipes

Emergency Leak Fix 

  • Can be applied directly onto damp surface for long-lasting repair 
  • Highly flexible formula resists cracking or peeling 
  • Flexes with the natural movement of the roof 
  • Check out the video at: Thompson’s Emergency Leak Fix (

Roof and Gutter Sealant 

Have you tackled it with Thompson’s? 

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