A Q&A with DEKS on its channel drainage solutions

A Q&A with DEKS on its channel drainage solutions

Professional Builder puts the questions to DEKS on its channel drainage solutions and what’s new to the range

Q: Can you provide an overview of the DEKS range of channel drainage products currently available in the market? 

A: DEKS proudly presents its DekDrain range, which encompasses a diverse mix of drainage solutions catering from A15 to C250 load classes. Each product is made of an all-polymer channel and customers are given the flexibility of choosing from several surface finish options including polypropylene, PVC, galvanised steel, aluminium and ductile iron. This range ensures that there’s a solution for varying customer needs and aesthetics. 

Q: How has DEKS differentiated its channel drainage products from competitors in terms of quality and functionality? 

A: Every product under the DEKS umbrella strictly adheres to the EN1433 standard, ensuring top-tier quality and functionality. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to innovation. We pride ourselves on focussing on aesthetics that allow our customers to infuse visual appeal into their drainage schemes. At DEKS, it’s not just about drainage; it’s about merging functionality with design. 

Q: Are there any new drainage products that DEKS plans to launch in the near future? If so, what are their unique features? 

A: In our continual effort to respond to market demands, we are on the verge of introducing a grass grid to our product lineup. This grid is contributory to the porous landscaping market. Although not a groundbreaking concept per se, our rendition is designed to bear a massive 900-tonne loading. This remarkable sturdiness makes our grid less prone to damage, eliminating the need for frequent replacements – a persistent issue with other grids in the market. 

Q: How do the newer products in the channel drainage range complement or improve upon the existing products? 

A: We’re exceptionally excited about our DekDrain Edge, a new addition to our channel drainage range. Historically, low-cost market options were limited to plastics. However, DekDrain Edge disrupts this, by offering a unique square-faced brushed aluminium slot, this gives a fabulous, finished appeal to any landscaping scheme, this option previously only available in pricier commercial alternatives. Designed predominantly for domestic patios and thresholds, the Edge has been rigorously tested and can handle up to B125 loads when properly installed. 

Q: With evolving requirements in urban infrastructure, how is DEKS ensuring that its channel drainage products remain relevant and innovative? 

A: At DEKS, we’re always monitoring urban infrastructure trends and demands. We strive to innovate and adjust our products, ensuring they not only meet but also set new benchmarks in the market.  

Q: How does DEKS address sustainability in its channel drainage products, especially in the context of environmentally-friendly materials and waste reduction? 

A: Sustainability is at the heart of DEKS operations. Every component of our channel drainage is 100% recyclable and made from recycled material where possible, showcasing our commitment to the environment. Moreover, as urban landscapes grapple with efficient water management, our channel drain systems bridge the gap between water capture and storage. They provide efficient water routing, all the while necessitating lesser excavation compared to conventional gully and underground pipework systems. 

Q: Are there any technical advancements or features DEKS is currently exploring to further enhance the performance of its channel drainage products? 

A: Innovation is an ongoing journey at DEKS. Our latest linear style grating option maximises water capture efficiency by channelling the run-off directly into the drainage system. Our design team is always exploring ways to amplify the water capture capability within our channels. 

Q: How does DEKS provide support to contractors and clients in terms of installation, maintenance and understanding the best product fit for specific drainage requirements? 

A: By aligning with the EN1433 standard, we ensure every DEKS product is tested for robustness, granting contractors and end-users unwavering confidence in our solutions. For those seeking in-depth details or guidance, we’ve made a comprehensive array of literature and technical documents available on our website. While our channel drainage is predominantly targeted at the domestic market, each project has unique demands. We strongly advocate for consultations with qualified engineers to ascertain the perfect fit for every drainage scheme.

For further information on the DEKS range visit DekDrain Drainage Solutions — DEKS Industries Europe Limited.

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