DI-WHY? 15th January 2020

DI-WHY? 15th January 2020

Our first DI-WHY? submissions of 2020 are corkers!

First up, we have this wonderful shot sent in by @BourtonHandyman on Twitter, apparently the customer thought a bit of filler would hold the curtain pole up.

Our second submission is an example of shoddy work on a newbuild rather than DIY, and it was spotted by a plasterer called Aaron who sent it in on Facebook.

bad building work
This is actually from a newbuild, with ‘quality finish’ assured!

If you spot any bodged jobs or DIY failures, please do send them in to us on probuildonline@gmail.com or  tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

All submissions that we use will get a limited edition DI-WHY? sticker!

di-why sticker




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