Cleaning your van is good for business

Cleaning your van is good for business

If your van isn’t clean and tidy, you could be putting off potential customers, according to the experts from

Visible fast food wrappers, dirty signage and dents and scrapes all project a bad image of the company.

LeaseVan’s Tim Alcock said: “You wouldn’t turn up to work in dirty clothes, so why would you turn up with a dirty van? The whole reason vans are branded is so that potential customers can easily spot the details, and if these are all dirty and unreadable it defeats the purpose.

“A van should be seen as a moving advertisement. Tidying out your rubbish at the end of each day and giving it a regular clean won’t take long but will work wonders for finding new customers.”

Here are six reasons for keeping a van neat and tidy:

1. For safety

If dirt and grime begins to build up on windows and wing mirrors it can compromise visibility and therefore safety. Also, having very muddy tyres can have an effect on efficient breaking and generally safety.

2. To ensure branding and contact details are visible

Treat your van like a business card, hundreds of people a day may see the van, and it has all the information on it for them to become new customers. If they cannot see the details then it results in a lot of missed opportunities, which could have been easily avoided by a quick wash.

3. To enhance your image

You never get the chance to make another first impression. Having a clean and tidy van shows dedication to the company, and also shows it’s something you’re proud of. A dirty van may suggest a poor standard of work, exactly what you’re not wanting to convey.

4. To reduce maintenance costs

Dirt and grime, if not regularly cleaned, can cause much more serious problems to your van, such as making it rust quicker than normal – again not a good look. Regular washing will also mean you’re having to pay close attention to the van meaning any problems will be caught early on, instead of being left to get worse.

5. For a better work ethic

We’ve all heard the saying ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ – the same can be said for your van. If it’s clean and clutter free it’s likely you will also feel like this helping you to de-stress in what is your office.

6. For health

Germ and bacteria can quickly build up, and when you spend a lot of time in your van it’s not a great place to be. It’s important to clean the interior of the van too – places such as the steering wheel and gear stick which you touch more than anything else.

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