Wanted: the DIY disasters you’ve been called in to fix!

Wanted: the DIY disasters you’ve been called in to fix!

Professional Builder is launching a new feature – online and in the magazine – to highlight the DIY disasters that the professional trades are called in to fix.

DI-WHY? is all about the bodge jobs and failed home improvements that professional tradespeople see on a daily basis, ranging from dodgy plumbing to wonky wallpaper.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve been sent so far.

Reggie Nicks from Earth Plumbing sent this horrific example that he had to fix
Builder Greg Smith sent in this disaster that he spotted


Builder James Bruton sent us this photo showing a dubious approach to roofing!

If you’ve spotted any horrendous examples of DIY gone wrong, which illustrate perfectly why these jobs should be left to the professional trades, please send them in to us on probuildonline@gmail.com. You can also submit images via our social media channels on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Limited edition DI-WHY? stickers will go out to any that we feature online and in the magazine.

di-why sticker

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