DI-WHY? 11th March 2020

DI-WHY? 11th March 2020

The DI-WHY? section of our website has quickly become one of the favourites with our readers – so do keep sending in any pictures of rubbish building work that you spot to probuildonline@gmail.com.

This week’s submissions are examples of not-so-handy tradespeople rather than DIY jobs, but we think you’ll agree this type of poor work should be highlighted and stamped out!

The first of this week’s selection came in via email from reader Kevin Ebbage’s snagging list at a new build. He said: ‘The under cupboard lights in the kitchen are about a foot apart. And the kitchen work top was not cut straight!’ Kevin sent us loads of pictures in, so we’ll share some more next week.

Also this week, @JamesB177 sent us this on Twitter. He said: ‘Not really a DIY disaster but a so-called professional has left the down pipe like this! Nice.’

downpipe diy

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