The Professional Builder Podcast: Trades United Van Rally

The Professional Builder Podcast: Trades United Van Rally

In the latest episode of the Professional Builder podcast we report from last month’s Trades United van rally in Parliament Square and talk to some of its organisers and participants.

With tool theft reaching what has been described as epidemic proportions, a group of tradespeople recently decided to take a stand. The Trades United Van Rally saw builders, plumbers and electricians from across the country come together to throw a spotlight on the issue and urge the government to do more.

The camaraderie on the day was extraordinary, the turnout impressive and the scenes at the political heart of our capital deafening – it’s now time that tradespeople are heard.

Trades United was founded by The Gas Expert, Shoaib Awan. His mission is to urge our legislators to impose fines on the organisers of car boot sales and markets that are selling stolen goods and to hand down meaningful custodial sentences for the perpetrators.

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