How to successfully install shower trays

How to successfully install shower trays

Lee Hudson, at Just Trays (JT) outlines the steps you need to take for a successful shower tray installation. 

The pre-use installation checks are crucial when it comes to shower trays. It cannot be underestimated just how important it is that all trays are correctly installed to ensure any problems or issues in the future are prevented. The installation process requires a sound understanding to guarantee sustainable, long-lasting results for clients and this is a fundamental reason why we’ve continued to expand our shower trays offering at JT – people want a fit and forget solution. 

The first step that is required prior to starting the installation process is to perform a detailed and thorough assessment to ensure that it will not only be a successful installation of the shower tray, but an efficient one. The shower tray enclosure dimensions must be compatible with the shower tray that you have picked out beforehand. It’s important to scan for any kind of transit damage, and to carry out a water test to see if there are potentially any outstanding problems before starting the installation process.

The connections for the water supply will also be crucial. As such, it is essential to plan the necessary connections for this, alongside any additional features. You want the overall design to compliment the chosen shower tray and soto make sure this happensit has to be compatible with the plumbing fixtures. This will all contribute to making the installation as smooth and effortless as can be. 

Nobody wants to experience drainage problems or a potential water overflow, so to ensure that this doesn’t happen, the shower tray must be level across all areas to avoid any issues. A good quality silicone sealant is really important when it comes to finalising the installation of the shower tray. You must allow it to fully set for a full 24 hours to keep your client’s bathroom safe from leaks and in peak condition.

“Of course, at times there will be some shower areas that aren’t the most conveniently shaped. At JT, we pride ourselves on offering great variety when it comes to shower trays that provide customers with the confidence they need when it comes to installation in an awkward space. This is all with the aim of avoiding having to compromise on the design.

A great example of this is our fantastic bespoke service for our Softstone by JT trays our team are able to create the perfect showering CAD diagram service to bring every possibility to life and make it achievable for any kind of bathroom space. This is done with all the necessary advice that is required to guarantee a successful installation.

Evolving the way in which we work with and help our customers is always at the forefront of our mind here at JT. We are committed to guiding and helping our clients as much as possible, and so as part of this we have created a range of step-by-step video guides on the installation process which can be found on our website.

We stock a variety of sizes that range in colour and fit, to ensure they will be suitable for any client’s needs. Our anti-slip solution is also available across all the JT ranges, featuring anti-slip properties that are built into the acrylic skin of each tray, which is to the bestinclass standard at Class C. Anti-slip creates an enhanced life cycle with added piece of mind for consumers, that certainly doesn’t compromise on delivering the same colourless highlevel slip resistance.

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