Washing made easier with Makita’s cordless power washer

Washing made easier with Makita’s cordless power washer

Leading power tool manufacturer Makita UK has added the new cordless HW001G XGT High Pressure Washer, to its high performance 40VMax XGT range.

An ideal solution for trade professionals working with no access to mains power, it provides exceptional mobility combined with a reliable and regular flow rate and pressure, facilitated by three different operation modes. 

The new 40VMax HW001G XGT Brushless High Pressure Washer offers a powerful performance akin to corded washers, with a maximum permissible pressure of 11.5 MPa. Three operational modes allow users the flexibility to control the pressure depending on the difficulty of the cleaning task at hand – whether it is light washing right through to the toughest clean required for building exteriors or farming machinery.  

The advantage of the Makita XGT battery operation means that when fully charged, the washer can be used for either 60 minutes in the basic Mode 1, 30 minutes in Mode 2 and 18 minutes in the hardest working Mode 3. The washer can perform with just one battery or with two in parallel, allowing you to keep on working even when one of the batteries needs charging 

The HW001G is self-priming, and water can be supplied from a tap, bucket or tank. A handy trigger lock function also keeps the water running without needing to be constantly squeezed.  

As trade professionals would expect from Makita, key design features make it a practical option. Weighing only 8.5kg, a telescopic handle allows the height to be adjusted to 520mm, meaning it is simple to store. With large 140mm wheels, it is also easy to transport and manoeuvre, even on difficult terrain. In addition, rubber stoppers secure the washer in place on small slopes.  

Finally, the washer is available with a wide range of accessories, including a cyclone jet nozzle, 2 XGT 5.0Mpa batteries, a battery charger, connector set, trigger gun, strainer, extension set and high pressure hose, allowing the user to reach and efficiently clean a variety of surfaces.  

Makita also supplies optional, additional accessories for the machine, such as a variospray nozzle set, a foam nozzle set, a variospray lance set and a variospray lance extension set.  

Kevin Brannigan, Makita’s UK Marketing Manager commented:Our new Cordless HW001G High Pressure Washer is compact, portable and powerful – everything a trade professional or user might need, with both the freedom and safety of being battery powered. It’s a great bit of kit.” 

To view the new Cordless High Pressure Washer HW001G and its accessories visit www.makitauk.com  

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