Tools, Equipment, Workwear and Product Round-Up 11/08

Tools, Equipment, Workwear and Product Round-Up 11/08

Bosch Cordless Sabre Saw

The new Bosch cordless GSA 18 V-32 Professional Sabre Saw introduces a fresh ergonomic concept to optimise handling.

A unique handle design, contrasting with the conventional spade-handle shape, makes this tool comfortable to hold in any position, however awkward, even over long periods. With its compact dimensions, low weight and high-comfort grip, it can be used with ease in tight work spaces and for overhead work.

This sabre saw is also the first from Bosch to feature ‘active vibration damping’. A counterweight positioned in the gearbox constantly counteracts the inertia, reducing vibrations to the lowest levels in the tool’s class. The result: minimal fatigue when working.

A further design advance is the easy-to-press power switch, which can be reached and operated from any of the wide variety of possible handling positions.

Marshalltown PermaFlex Trowel

Marshalltown’s new PermaFlex flexible finishing trowel has a 0.3mm stainless steel blade for extra flex, which is securely bonded to an upper plate for blade security.

Featuring an Xtralite aluminium alloy mounting to reduce weight, this trowel is designed to leave a perfect finish on a final pass with minimal pressure. The flat blade doesn’t need breaking in and features rounded corners to avoid leaving lines in the plaster.

Hitachi Power Tools Brushless Combi Drill

If you’re planning to drive screws and drill holes into wood, metal and brick then look no further than the DV18DBFL2/JM 18V combi drill with brushless motor from Hitachi Power Tools.

The DV18DBFL2/JM 18V combi drill is 189mm long and weighs 1.7kg, making it ideal for confined spaces. With a maximum torque of 70Nm (hard) and high no load speed of 1800/min the power tool makes quick work of drilling into metal or wood and the brushless motor means that, unlike traditional brushed motors, it doesn’t suffer from frictional energy loss and will adjust power as needed.

The DV18DBFL2/JM 18V Combi Drill has a forward and reverse switch and LED spotlight to illuminate the workpiece. The 13mm ratcheting metal chuck with spindle lock means screwdriver or drill bits can be removed or inserted easily, and the soft grip handle makes the tool comfortable and easy to use.

Makita Cordless Dust Extractor

The new Makita twin 18v DVC863 LXT L-Class Dust Extractor is exclusively cordless and has maximum sealed suction power increased to 9.8kPa with the powerful 36v motor system producing a maximum air flow of 2.1m³/min.

The Brushless motor enhances run time to approximately 40 minutes with two 5.0Ah batteries fitted directly to the machine. This is a dry type vacuum with HEPA filter that removes 99.0% of dust with Limit Value for occupational exposure >1.0mg/m³ which means this extractor can be used for processes involving mica, china clay and gypsum.

The 8 litre tank on the new Makita DVC863 Dust Extractor is compatible with the popular commercial plastic waste bags that can easily be disposed of in the appropriate process. The robust casing includes a removable storage box and has large bumper mouldings to protect the side walls and surfaces.

Fein Supercut Multi-Tool

Following the successful launch of the AFSC18QSL Fein has now announced the release of the new SuperCut Construction FSC500QSL.

Both versions of the SuperCut are the most powerful OMT’s available and are equipped with FEIN’s innovative Starlock Max tool mounting system.

Both the corded and cordless SuperCut machines feature the latest innovative design, which fully decouples the self-supported motor from the motor housing by using flexible dampening elements. The result of which has meant that Fein has been able to reduce the vibration in each machine by 70 per cent.

The mains-powered tool has a 450W FEIN high power motor, which achieves up to 45 per cent more work progress and delivers even more precise results than its predecessor.

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