Tools, Equipment, Workwear & Product Round-Up 01/12

Tools, Equipment, Workwear & Product Round-Up 01/12

Fein SuperCut Construction

“Following the successful launch of the AFSC18QSL FEIN is now proud to announce the release of the new SuperCut Construction FSC500QSL.”

Both versions of the SuperCut are the most powerful OMTs available and are equipped with FEIN’s innovative Starlock Max tool mounting system.

The Starlock Max system allows the user to change accessories in less than three seconds, so more time can be devoted to the task in hand. In addition the FSC500QSL can now use all types of Starlock blades (Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max) whereas its predecessor (the FSC2.0Q) was restricted to just the SuperCut blades unless an adaptor was fitted.

Both the corded and cordless FEIN SuperCut machines feature the latest innovative design, which fully decouples the self-supported motor from the motor housing by using flexible dampening elements. The result of which has meant that FEIN has been able to reduce the vibration in each machine by an amazing 70 per cent.

In turn, this has then reduced the noise of the each machine by 50 per cent. With the ergonomic design the new SuperCut can be continually used by tradespeople for high load applications over sustained periods.

The mains-powered FEIN SuperCut Construction FSC500QSL has a 450W FEIN high power motor, which achieves up to 45 per cent more work progress and delivers even more precise results than its predecessor.

Bahco Stainless Steel Screwdrivers

“Using advanced cryogenic technology, Bahco designers have created a range of stainless steel screwdrivers which is now being introduced to the UK market.”

The development of the new screwdrivers is timely, as demand for stainless steel screws has risen by almost 70 per cent over recent years.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust. However, if conventional steel tools are used on stainless steel screws the wear debris can adhere to the surface and, when exposed to oxygen, they do begin to rust. This creates a threat to safety if left untreated but it can be averted by using stainless steel screwdrivers.

Until now, stainless steel hard enough for industrial applications has been too brittle for everyday use. Bahco designers and engineers have overcome this by using ice-hardening cryogenic technology, giving their stainless steel hand tools superb hardness and durability.

Festool Cordless Sanders

“The sanding performance you would expect from a mains-powered tool”

Cordless but with maximum material removal and surface quality: Festool is “pulling the plug” and launching three new cordless sanders – in addition to the RTS, DTS and ETS corded compact sanders. Say hello to the battery-powered surface specialists: RTSC 400, DTSC 400 and ETSC 125.

No heavy cable reels, no tedious searching for sockets, no messy cabling: Simply unpack and start sanding – this is the motto for the new RTSC, ETSC and DTSC cordless sanders from Festool. These three newcomers signal a paradigm shift in the cordless sander segment.

Whereas previous tools have been somewhat unwieldy and heavy, the new cordless sanders impress thanks to their counterbalanced handling and outstanding ergonomics, while still maintaining remarkable endurance and high power reserves.

Hitachi Power Tools Brushless Reciprocal Saw

“The tougher, faster and more advanced”

Hitachi Power Tools CR18DBL 18V cordless reciprocal saw with brushless motor gives users the chance to increase efficiency and get even more work done. This is thanks to the CR18DBL’s cutting speed, which Hitachi says is 1.6 times faster than the previous model when cutting through steel pipe and 2.1 times faster through wood.

With a new design that is even easier to grip, the CR18DBL 18V reciprocating saw features a brushless motor which allows for speed adjustment for different materials, such as wood, plastics, plasterboard, steel and so on.

The CR18DBL also features tool-less blade change and shoe adjustment, meaning there are no fiddly tools to carry around and even more time is saved to get work completed – users simply push a lever. A bright LED light helps you to see the job at hand and a convenient, large, pivoting hook allows you to hang up the saw on pipes and scaffolding.

Knipex Siphon and Connector Pliers

“Robust, heavy duty and ideal for tightening and loosening siphon screw connections”

Like every innovative tool forged by Knipex, such as the Cobra and Alligator ranges, the design of the Siphon and Connector pliers has been carefully thought through. Adjustable to 25 positions to reach the ideal size, its box-joint design ensures diverse diameters can be tackled by the pliers.

The tool is robust, heavy duty and ideal for tightening and loosening siphon screw connections. It can also tighten and loosen plastic pipe fittings and round union nuts for connectors and couplings with a screw connection, such as Cannon circular connectors. The pliers are also ideal for gently loosening hoses on nozzles.

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