Tools and workwear products – February 2021

Tools and workwear products – February 2021


The patented Kneeguard™ and Kneeguard PRO system from Snickers Workwear will deliver advanced knee protection, whether it’s from frequent kneeling on site, or those annoying knocks and bumps around the workplace. Designed specifically for the increasingly popular street-smart, slim fit stretch work trousers, the newest slim fit D30® Ergo kneepads are made of durable material that moulds around your knee.


The Estwing Pro Series Gooseneck Wrecking Bar is forged in one piece of American steel with a hexagonal beam construction for added strength. One end of the bar is angled for maximum leverage when prying and the other end is wider with a bevelled nail slot and a nail puller, allowing the user to remove imbedded nails with ease. It is available in 24″ (600mm) and 36″ (900mm) lengths.


Complicated and time-consuming scaffold structures are now part of the past, according to Werner, the manufacturers of the PAXTower with folding base. A straight-forward assembly involves simply folding out the structure until it clicks into place. When building the tower to higher levels, a specially designed slot-in spigot with interlock clips prevents tilting when connecting the end frames, enabling a smooth build.


Every exterior component of the Cat S42 phone from Bullitt Group has been treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology and tested to ISO 22196, making it the first anti-bacterial phone. The phone also surpasses rigourous and repeated drop testing from 1.8m onto steel, including multiple drops onto every side and corner, and it’s fully waterproof, tested submerged in water at depths up to 1.5m for 35 minutes.


With the recent expansion to the Starlock accessory kits there are now 1,000 blade possibilities to accompany the Fein MultiMaster 300, 500 and 700. The tool can now saw, sand, polish, cut, file, scrape and clean across a mix of materials and applications from wood, metal and plastics to heating, flooring, tiling, grouting and renovations.


Take good care of your most important tools and choose a pair of Snickers Workwear’s Gloves. The latest designs offer high ‘cut protection’ plus wind and waterproof styles. What’s more, for specialist use where health and safety standards are key requirements, ProtecWork Gloves the are EN certified for performance and protection in hazardous environments.


Available in three main application sectors, the Norton Clipper range of diamond blades includes Standard Ceramic, designed to cut ceramic, glazed ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Choose Standard Universal for bricks, pavers and building blocks – or the Universal Turbo option for roof tiles. Lastly, Standard Beton covers concrete and reinforced concrete.


The ProtecWork collection from Snickers Workwear now includes lightweight, insulated GORE-Tex Work Jackets, providing protection and high-visibility in low-light, high-risk environments. There’s also waterproof shell Work Trousers, accessories including flame-retardent kneepads, plus headwear, mid- and base-layer clothing to provide maximum, certified protection whatever the hazards and risks.


The Bulldog POWERbreaker Insulated General Service Shovel is fully tested in the UK to BS8020 and is supplied with an individual certificate of conformity. The blade is solid forged in one piece and rounded to reduce penetration damage to underground pipes and cables with treads to save boots. Each shovel is fitted with a double polymer layered shaft bonded over a solid fibreglass core with a collar incorporating protective wear sleeve.

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