Tibby Slips into Something Comfortable with Mascot

Tibby Slips into Something Comfortable with Mascot

I was recently sent some workwear from a company called Mascot. It’s not a brand I was particularly familiar with so I decided to do a bit of research.

I found that this Danish firm were founded in 1982 and is the leader in its native country, and amongst the largest in Europe. I thought I’d put the workwear and its motto to the test to see if it really is “tested to work”.

Firstly starting from top going down, I slipped into Mascot’s Reims Hardwear Knitted Jumper. The first thing that struck me was how light it was yet felt so warm when wearing it.

To really raise the temperature the zip can be zipped to the very top of its storm flap, to protect your neck from freezing in a breeze. Its elastic cuffs feel very comfortable around your wrists and there are also holes for your thumbs.

This gets the thumb up as it can be used to keep the sleeves from riding up and are helpful hand-warmers as well. This jumper also has a zip pocket on the chest, which comes in handy for all the notes you need to keep close to yourchest, so you don’t need to worry about losing anything from under your nose.

On top of this I also tried Mascot’s Motril Hardwear Hoodie. It’s also made from Polyester for durability but this time it’s just 50 per cent in the outer. The other 50 per cent is the inner cotton, which makes sure you’re nice and comfortable.

The other trick up its sleeve is the usual ribbed cuffs, and two zip pockets at the front, one on each side. These have a clever, protective layer design to prevent any debris clogging it up. There’s no hiding inside this hoodie thanks to its reflectors, which will keep you safe when you’re in the dark. In fact, even in the light this two-toned bright top is sure to get you noticed wherever you go. The finishing touch is the drawstrings around the neckband of the hood.

Finally I jumped into Mascot’s Madrid Hardwear craftsmen’s trousers. As a carpenter/joiner it’s really important for me to have trousers that I know will last. Judging by the look and feel of these trousers it seems like they are made to last. They have double stitched seams on the leg and crotch, which will save you from that one embarrassing mishap. However, it’s also still very flexible thanks to its many elasticated areas.

These trousers have got pockets in almost every area you can imagine including holster pockets. These holster pockets are made from Cordura and reinforced at the bottom with puncture resistance Kevlar, which means you can load them up as much as you like.

Cordura fabric is commonly used in luggage, backpacks and military wear, and can be found in the knees and pockets of these trousers, which means you know it will take some beating on site. Unlike standard holster pockets these have a unique design, where the left pocket can be adjusted to size with integrated magnets and the right one has an extra pocket for tools.

Talking about extra you can also increase each standard leg length by 3cm to get more out of them. Mascot are confident you will grow out of them before you wear them out, hence they really have been “tested to work”.

For further information on Mascot click here.

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