Tibby Singh tests out Senco’s new High Speed Auto-feed Screwdriver

Tibby Singh tests out Senco’s new High Speed Auto-feed Screwdriver

Tibby Singh goes into the woods with Senco.

I recently wrote a review on Senco’s 55mm High Speed and Heavy-Duty cordless Auto-feed Screwdrivers. Some may size doesn’t matter, but when you’re working with bigger wood it does. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Senco’s NEW DS722-18v High Speed Auto-feed Screwdriver that screws up to 75mm.

When I need to assemble or fix something rapidly that requires 75mm fixings the first thing that comes to mind is a nail gun. However, a nail cannot replace a screw in applications when you’re wanting to clamp two pieces of material together tightly. I was recently fixing a summer house and needed to use screws that were longer than 55mm. When you’re trying to hold the timber and screw simultaneously it can become frustrating. With Senco’s Auto-feed Screwdriver it speeds up the application enormously and I was screwing the timbers together with ease.

It’s not only great for 75mm screws, but it can also be used for driving anything as small as 25mm screws. It can be quickly adjusted to other measurements via a locking pin without the use of any tools. There’s a depth gauge on the side of the tool and, once it’s set, it is locked into position, ensuring the setting doesn’t change accidently. Thanks to the nose piece design you will also know exactly where the screw is going to be screwed.

When driving longer screws it’s natural to start slower than usual and that can still be done with the Auto-feed. On the other hand, the trigger can also be locked into position so you’re not having to keep pressing the trigger. This is ideal when using the DuraSpin ExTPro attachment, when screwing into floors and ceilings. This means it saves your back and knees, as there’s no more kneeling down. I used it when putting some extra screws into the floor of the summerhouse and the job was so much easier.

Another positive with this machine is that it has the option to run at 2,500 RPM or 1,600 RPM. This means that, when it comes to screwing into tougher material – such as wood and metal – it can be slowed down, which prevents the screw from burning out.

The reverse function allow you to take a screw out by simply removing the collar, whilst this feature can be used to bury screws in flush if needed. The collar would also need to be removed if you ever wanted to change the bit, and the two provided are the Phillips bit and the Square Head drive. The Phillips is perfect for when using dry wall screws and the Square Head drive is exceptional when it comes to screwing into harder materials. I admire how Senco provide screws with Square drive which ensure a good grip and prevents any camming out. Another bright feature is the light which I wasn’t expecting.

The brushless motor means it will last and it runs off a 18X 3Ah battery, with an indicator to allow you to keep an eye out when it’s running low. It also has a hook on the side which means you can hang it off something without having to bend down, and there’s a handy light. I think I’m hooked to this Senco myself. It’s an absolute pleasure using this machine and it makes work feel like play!

For further information on Senco visit https://www.senco.com/

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