Tibby Singh tests out Ronseal Trade’s 10 Year Woodstain

Tibby Singh tests out Ronseal Trade’s 10 Year Woodstain

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh brushes up on his painting skills with Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain.

As a self-employed carpenter and joiner, I tend to find myself doing tasks that don’t exactly fall into the carpentry and joinery category. For example, if I fit an external timber door, I would usually treat it myself, and I actually find it satisfying to see the job through from start to finish. When it comes to choosing a wood preserver it can be overwhelming as there are so many products out there these days. I was working on a summerhouse project and took the opportunity to wet my brush with some Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain. Many know it as a household name, but I wanted to know if it actually “Does exactly what it says on the tin?”.

Wood stains are not a magic material that will make any project look amazing, so preparation is the key. That means any wood needs to be sanded first, preferably with 120 grit paper and then wiped down with white spirits and then left to dry. As they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

I popped open the sealed lid, gave it a mix and decanted it into a paint kettle. This is not my specialist area but this is recommended with many stains, varnishes and paints to prevent cross contamination. Whilst I put the kettle on for a cuppa, I had a quick read of the instructions, which is unusual for me but I’m glad I did. It is recommended to use a synthetic brush as the smoothness and springiness of the bristles help to achieve an even finish.

From my very first brush stroke in the direction of the wood grain, I knew that it would cover well. This was after just one coat and there are three coats that are recommended, leaving four hours between each coat. I had a 2.5 litre tin which states it has a coverage of 15m2, taking all three coats into account. It is water-based, so dries quickly and is easier to clean the brushes at the end of the day.

To add another layer to this review, I was impressed to hear that Ronseal Trade Products are the first woodcare range to receive a BBA accreditation. This means the product has been approved by the British Board of Agreement who are the UK’s leading construction products certification body. In order to get this stamp of approval it’s put through various different tests that check the following:

– Extensibility
– UV (visual assessment)
– Chalking
– Blistering
– Cracking
– Flaking
– Water vapor transmission
– Scratching
– Blocking
– Tack free time
– Resistance to spotting
– Hard body impact
– Scrubbability

Although this makes it easier to choose this product, but harder when you’re spoilt for choice by having a range of 6 different colours to select from, which include:

– Ebony
– Deep Mahogany
– Natural Oak
– Walnut
– Teak
– Dark Oak

A 10-year guarantee is also reassuring, but I guess I’ll have to wait 10 years before writing a follow up feedback review.

For further information on Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain visit https://www.ronseal.com/trade/exterior-trade-products/exterior-stain-varnish/10-year-woodstain/

Watch- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyOvI8NhIqk

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