Thinner leading-edge tiles from Russell Roof Tiles

Thinner leading-edge tiles from Russell Roof Tiles

Adverse weather and storms can create delays and postpone roofing projects, so Russell Roof Tiles is advising roofers and contractors to invest in time efficient, easy-to-install roofing solutions.

During the winter of 2018, construction output saw its steepest fall in six years due to bad weather, specifically heavy snow. Delays cost time and money, so it is important to prepare for the changing weather patterns now by trying to design out and minimise any potential issues with the correct specification and products.

Thinner leading-edge tiles. will be particularly beneficial during the winter months, as they help the installation progress swiftly during good weather spells, before windy and bad storms strike.

This factor has made the thinner leading-edge tile one of the fastest and largest growing areas of concrete tiles across the roofing industry.

Russell Roof Tiles’ thinner leading-edge tiles are part of its Natural Range – an expanding selection of concrete tiles for pitched roofing, including Galloway, Lothian, Bute, Moray and Polden, that can provide the appearance of slate, clay and stone. These tiles are manmade versions of tiles that match the indigenous look of materials widely used on roofs across the UK.

At two thirds the thickness of a normal tile, thinner leading-edge tiles are one of the thinnest and lightest concrete tiles available, making them easier to handle than traditional products on the market. Hidden interlocks ensure a nice clean line across the roof.

In some formats, it offers the appearance of small format slates or tiles yet has a large surface area which ensures the product can be laid in far less time.

Once installed, these tiles provide all the benefits of a concrete tile, including consistency and longevity, minimising the overall lifetime costs of the roof once installed, come rain or shine.

Mark Parsons, technical director at Russell Roof Tiles, said: “By taking into consideration different weather patterns, roofers and contractors are in a much better position to ensure that the work is completed with little or no delay.

“The thinner-leading edge tile is just one roofing solution ensuring a fast but high-quality roof covering installation before a storm strikes and puts a stop to proceedings. As we continue to see winter affect roofing projects, the demand for the product will only increase and I believe it will remain one of the fastest growing products within the industry.”

Russell Roof Tiles thinner leading edge roof tiles featured at Copeland Park


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