The best way to keep your customers safe from carbon monoxide

The best way to keep your customers safe from carbon monoxide

Stay safe with the SleepSafe range of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms from Arctic Hayes, reliable protectors against invisible, odourless and potentially deadly carbon monoxide.  

The SleepSafe COA7 and COA10 carbon monoxide alarms are lightweight, user-friendly devices, perfectly sized for residential spaces, caravans and boats and ideal for social or council housing. Both feature an 85dB alarm that’s loud enough to alert in case of danger, alongside a three visual LED indicator showing power, alarm and fault. Both units are designed with a sealed-for-life battery that promises seven or 10 years of worry-free operation respectively, backed by seven and 10-year warranties.  

The SleepSafe combined carbon monoxide and smoke alarm is a dual-function alarm equipped to detect both carbon monoxide and smoke, ensuring your safety on multiple fronts. It operates with a replaceable 9V battery and features a powerful 85dB speaker to alert you of danger. The alarm’s sensitivity levels can detect 50ppm of CO in 60-90 minutes, 100ppm in 10-40 minutes and 300ppm in just three minutes. With a 10-year life span for the smoke sensor and a memory function for the CO alarm, this device is a robust protector for any living space. 

When you need portability, the SleepSafe Personal Carbon Monoxide Detector is ideal. Heating engineers, emergency responders or holidaymakers will appreciate this lightweight CO alarm that comes equipped with a belt clip and hanging hook, LED readout and a long-life Li-ion battery. Should CO levels exceed 30ppm, it will alert you with a loud 75dB alarm.  

All homes should have CO alarms but for landlords, regulations demand it. The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022 requires relevant landlords to provide CO alarms in rooms with fixed combustion appliances (excluding gas cookers) and to repair or replace alarms when notified that they are faulty. So keep danger at bay and secure peace of mind with SleepSafe, your dedicated sentinel against the hidden hazards of carbon monoxide. 

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