Snickers: Keeping a Hi Profile

Snickers: Keeping a Hi Profile

Roger Bisby has nowhere to hide in this Snickers Hi Vis set.

Not for the first time I am surprised by what Snickers workwear has managed to achieve by applying some science. This isn’t merely a set of work clothes you have to wear it is a set that you will want to wear. I took it out during one of those weeks where the wind was blowing straight down from the Arctic, the thermometer was showing 2°C, but the wind chill factor made it feel like minus 5°C. The boys on the site down the road had given up. They were working on the roof and had beanies and jackets, but around 2.30 pm they were thoroughly peed off and called it a day.

They may have thought I had several layers on under this jacket, and I must admit I started out in the morning with a fleece, but after an hour or so I was happy to shed the mid layer and leave the job to the 37.5 insulation. When I showed the lads the blue breathable inner mesh, and let them try it on, they were surprised to find that the mesh traps and reflects body heat so effectively that you could think it is electric but, as the body warms up, it lets it go.

At the top end of the Snickers hi vis range you can get Goretex fabric, but this 1130 is a more economical very tough polyester shell with a Cordura reinforced panels and stretch gussets at the back of the arm. It is not so expensive that you will be reluctant to use it for work.

The jacket is packed with features, such as dropped sleeve ends, and a dropped back which, coupled with the high waist band on the trousers, means that you won’t have a bare midriff when you bend down to pick something up. It also has a nice high collar that works really well with the lumber jack hat, except for the fact that the hat goes inside the collar, so the rain runs down inside rather than being shed out and down the jacket.

At the bottom of the jacket is a zip, which gives you access to the inside of the outer shell. This may be to allow the heat sealing of the reflective banding to help the water proofing or it may be to help with the printing if you are looking to have your company logo on the back.

To my great surprise the trousers that match the jacket are among the most comfortable work trousers I have worn. This is possibly due to the silky lining, which helps them move as you do.

They are also insulated to keep you warm so, unlike some waterproof over trousers, you don’t need trousers underneath.

There are the usual Snickers knee pockets but no holster pockets. I would suggest these are not trousers for carrying nails and screws in the pockets. There is a phone pocket, which is big enough for most smart phones, but best to check. One feature I did discover is the adjustable elastic waist band, which is set below the highest part of the waist to form a kind of gathered waist. You can slacken that off and fit an external belt through the loops. You also have long side zips to allow you to take these trousers off without removing your boots. This is certainly not an image you want to see so just trust me on that one.

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