Silvadec’s composite decking range

Silvadec’s composite decking range

Professional Builder’s Mark Humphreys hits the deck.

I was asked to supply and fit a raised composite deck to the rear of a house and so went on a hunt for the best product. What I found were a range of composite decking companies all selling similar products but all varying on guarantees. The product I plumped for in the end was called Silvadec. The company’s credentials looked good and the product sounded just what I was looking for.

The decking board pattern I chose in this instance was wood grain, so it stepped away from the traditional groove decking look which, quite frankly in my opinion, looks a little dated now. To keep the cost down I used treated timbers from a building supplier and made a frame. I was raising the floor level by about 180mm, to which I was attaching the decking boards. The boards I used were 200mm x 20mm x 4m. They were solid and heavy, which is just what I wanted. They cut like a dream and, unlike some timbers, didn’t chip or splinter on the edges. You could take fine cuts too if required and still have the same result.

The units are held with a clipping system that is simple to use and also gives you the required gap between boards. The decking is made with grooves along the edges, so the clips are never visible too, which made the overall look incredible.

The decking was easy to use and the finish is beautiful. There are a range of colours to suit as well. This particular product comes with a 25-year guarantee is non-slip in the wet, as well as being environmentally friendly. The makers claim it is also anti fungi, and will not be affected by wood eating insects, so it’s a Dec without the Ant then eh? (see what I did there?). It feels like a quality hardwood and apparently is maintenance-free so, all in all, it’s a highly recommendable product with a superior finish that I believe anyone with a basic knowledge would be able to cope with.

On the Dec I installed I used an aluminium capping for the front edge, which only adds a non-slip element but also hides any slight discrepancies with the cuts to the front edge. There are also other innovative ideas, like lighting strips that lock in between the boards too – a smart and classy option for outdoor lighting systems. Overall it’s a very nice product and one that is best described in the age old saying ‘you get what you pay for’.

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