Samac Fixing’s Solarguard® Pro

Samac Fixing’s Solarguard® Pro

A growing number of households are turning to solar panels in a bid to reduce their environmental impact and slash soaring heating bills, but maintaining solar panels can be a challenging task. Now Samac Fixings has launched the Solarguard® Pro, an easy to fit roofing solution designed to keep debris and birds from getting underneath the solar panels, while removing the need for drilling and the potential for damaging the array and voiding the warranty.  

Beneath those sleek solar panels can lie a troubling problem – debris that refuses to blow away. Soggy leaves, persistent moisture and stubborn dirt can create a breeding ground for mould which can compromise the stability of the roof and its ability to support the weight of the solar panels.  

The framework supporting solar panels are inviting perches for birds which can result in a build-up of debris and corrosive droppings beneath the panels. Some solutions to stop this involve drilling onto the panels, increasing the risk of extremely costly damage and voiding the panel warranty. 

Easily retrofitted, Solarguard® Pro is the ideal solution which is easy to install and safeguards up to eight solar panels. Simply affix the two corner pieces to the highest row of panels, position the guard sections between them and secure them in place with a mounting clamp. Each pack includes 20 guards, four corner guards, and 108 mounting clamps, suitable for use on all solar panels with a U-profile. It also comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty, offering installers and homeowners genuine peace of mind. 

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