Isuzu UK reveals groundbreaking finance calculator

Isuzu UK reveals groundbreaking finance calculator

After extensive development, Isuzu UK has released a finance calculator capable of calculating the cost of vehicle finance for four different finance types.  

The calculator, which has been in development since 2021, allows potential customers to calculate the most suitable finance for them in multiple simple steps via the Isuzu UK website. As a result of this, the new online tool will empower customers to make well-informed decisions about their finance options, while saving time and eliminating the need for in-person or extensive paperwork. The easily accessible and accurate calculator demonstrates Isuzu UK’s commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. 

First, individuals will be instructed to select a specific model from the Isuzu D-Max range which includes the Utility model, DL20 and DL40 models, and the range-topping V-Cross model. Following this, a finance type must then be selected, with choices including Business Contract Hire (BCH), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP).  

After selecting the most suitable finance, the calculator will then require the user to choose a cab type, ranging from Single Cab, Extended Cab and Double Cab, depending on the vehicle model. Users will then be able to choose between the automatic and manual transmission, as well as the colour of the vehicle before a finance offer is configured. 

Once the finance configuration page is reached, the user will have to input their preferred deposit amount, as well as the number of months over which the finance will be paid. The online tool will produce a quote from the finance calculator which can be emailed to the user, and the option to contact the nearest Isuzu dealer will be made available.  

Melissa Butcher, General Sales Manager for Isuzu UK, commented: “Developing the finance calculator has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding journey for Isuzu UK. We recognised the need to simplify the vehicle finance process for our customers, and this calculator is a significant step in the right direction. Now, individuals can easily calculate the cost of vehicle finance for various finance types, tailored to their specific model, cab type, transmission, and colour preferences. It empowers our customers to make informed decisions, providing them with a quote that suits their needs. We believe this calculator will revolutionize the way people purchase vehicles, making it easier and more convenient than ever before.” 

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