Roger Bisby: Hanging With Bladefixer

Roger Bisby: Hanging With Bladefixer

There are so many plasterboard fixings out there that if we did a special Professional Builder supplement covering them all in detail it would easily run to over 20 pages. Instead we tend to try them and pick the ones we think have special merit and the Blade Fixer is one such fixing.

Whereas most fixings tend to rely on the pull-out this fixing hangs over the plasterboard to produce a sheer load of 264kg and a tension load of 80kg.

As a plumber I am opposed to hanging central heating radiators or boiler on plasterboard fixings and have never done it, not because of the fixings but because bog standard plasterboard is the weak link. Would I risk a large television on these fixings? Yes.


All you need is a small slit in the board to thread the strip through, and this can be done with the sharp end of the Blade Fixer. Not only is it suitable for ordinary 12mm plasterboard you can also use it on double board and, if the wall were double lined, even I have to admit it would be plenty strong enough for a large radiator. The manufacturer recommends a couple of 4.5mm parallel thread screws.

The success of the fixing relies on catching the slot for the first screw and this is easier if you keep the ‘U’ fold as tight as possible, and drive the screw in straight. I found this easy enough to do but if you fail to catch it first time you can have another go.

For further information on Blade Fixer click here.

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