Roger Bisby Discovers the ‘Hole’ Truth With Dewalt

Roger Bisby Discovers the ‘Hole’ Truth With Dewalt

Roger Bisby gives us the hole story with a DeWalt Tungsten Hole saw set.

These days we tend to turn to diamonds whenever we need large holes in concrete, brick or tiles.

Personally I would not want to be without my diamond core bits but there are some jobs where I hesitate to get them out.

If, for example, there is a possibility of hitting a wall tie I would rather get this tungsten grit hole saw set out of the van.

The sets come in plumbers’ or electricians’ sizes and are suitable for a variety of materials.

DeWalt 005Admittedly they are old technology, and nobody is saying that they work as well as diamonds.

For example, you will struggle, as I did, on porcelain tiles, but on brick and soft concrete they are fine.

Also, they would not be your weapon of choice for timber but they will do it, albeit with a bit of smoke, so if you are going through a sandwich construction, or are uncertain what you will hit, you will be a lot better off with the tungsten grit than you would be with diamonds.

Keeping a set of these, as well as a little set of diamonds, on the van means you are covered for all eventualities.

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