Review: the Bosch GSB 18V-55 combi drill driver

Review: the Bosch GSB 18V-55 combi drill driver

Tibby Singh Chodha gives the Bosch GSB 18V-55 combi drill driver a shot.

When you first pick up a drill to review and find it has a metal chuck, it’s always a reassuring mark of quality. Next comes the feel and sound, and when you press the trigger on the Bosch GSB 18V-55 Combi Drill Driver hearing the motor does not disappoint.

The next feature I noticed was its brushless motor, which is another indicator that it is built to last. I have previously covered in Professional Builder just how much greater the efficiency and life of these motors is – there’s less friction being generated, less heat and, therefore, better performance.

When it comes to that performance, this tool is powerful, with speeds of up to 1,800 rpm and a torque of up to 55 Nm. It’s well balanced and feels comfortable in your hand and, thanks to the rubber coating, it prevents you from getting a sore hand from repetitive drilling. It has a compact design, so is ideal for those confined and awkward spaces.

The two-speed gearbox features a robust metal construction, and another metal component is its belt clip. There are various other features that are standard on many drills, such as screw, drill and hammer functions, as well as forward, reverse rotation and lock setting for tool-less change and various torque settings.

It’s all work, day and night thanks to its incorporated LED job light. Bosch has positioned the light at the bottom, just above the battery pack and below the trigger, rather than squeezing it in above the trigger and below the chuck. I think this is better as it doesn’t create a large shadow, so a definite light-bulb moment for this design.

Although the core reason is the drill design and features that makes its performance exceptional, the Pro CORE18v 4.0 Ah battery enhances this performance. It delivers much more power yet it’s also more compact than a standard 4.0 Ah battery. I was also pleasantly surprised on opening the case to find an extra battery, making it three batteries in total. You can never have enough batteries, even if they last a long time. You’re even able to quickly check which one needs charging by a press of the battery indicator button.

For the most common power tool that will get used regularly on a daily basis, this Bosch Combi Drill Driver covers everything you’d want. Mine knows the drill of being the first tool out of the van and the last one in the van at the end of the day all too well.



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