Review: stretch workwear from Snickers

Review: stretch workwear from Snickers

Roger Bisby checks out the latest styles from Snickers Workwear.

Snickers’ latest range of stretch fabric workwear is certainly eye catching, and maybe a little too much for your more modest tradesman or woman, but Snickers has never been afraid of leading where others eventually follow. I well remember my initial reaction to the same manufacturer’s groundbreaking designs when they first arrived in this country, so I am never tempted to say which styles and colours will be adopted by our workforce, and which will inevitably be copied by other manufacturers. It is all about introducing concepts which early adopters will pick up to shift the parameters.

Stretch fabrics ease the strain on the stitching, and the flies, when you move around and bend.

As we kneel down our legs spread apart (think about it and you’ll understand why) and at this point the fabric around the crotch stretches. Snickers traditional solution to this problem has been to sew in a gusset which folds in and out to give you the extra capacity.

The problem for some people is that this gusset leaves what I would call a nappy effect. For younger people, who tend to prefer a slimmer cut, this is not flattering. They already have stretch jeans, so stretch workwear is a logical choice. This is borne out by the early success of their more traditional looking stretch workwear, which has been flying out of the stores.

But it isn’t just about looks – having panels that move in and out when you do gives you a level of comfort that you might only have gained through something like trackie bottoms. Whether or not you understand the technology you realise exactly what they are about. This is a very lightweight, but tough, shell fabric that withstands the elements but remains cool enough for all year round use.

The unique combination of stretch panels and Kevlar reinforced Cordura wear panels gives you the best of both worlds. The first wave of this new style of workwear was a runaway success for Snickers and encouraged them to explore the technology and create even more ambitious designs.

I particularly likes the secure zip pockets.

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