Review: Hultafors PXL point & cross-line laser level

Review: Hultafors PXL point & cross-line laser level

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh Chodha tries out the Hultafors PXL laser level

The Hultafors PXL Point & Cross-Line Laser Level is the first laser I’ve tested which has two vertical laser lines exactly 90 degree perpendicular to each other, a horizontal line and a plumb point too. This design feature means you’re able to simultaneously install two walls that are 90 degrees to one another, so those double red lines mean time and money will be saved – and accuracy increased. Another useful feature is that the pendulum can be locked in place to project lines in any desired angle. To make visibility easier and clearer there’s a red laser target that enhances the red laser lines.

The case also contains a standard bracket that slides under the unit and can be attached to a tripod. It swivels 360 degrees so there’s no need to keep moving the tripod. The wide range of accessories includes a standard magnetic holder, which is a universal bracket with magnets for easy mounting, or hanging on a screw or nail. Then there’s the option of the more advanced Hultafors universal holder, which is a sophisticated looking attachment that looks as though it should belong in a lab. Again it can be used alone, attached to the tripod and has a magnetic back to attach to beams on site. Once the laser is screwed onto the universal holder its height can be adjusted up and down using the turning knobs on the sides. It addition to these, there’s another single turning knob at the front that allows you to finely swivel the level 360o, with the degrees being marked on the rim for reference.

Usually tool manufacturers generically state that their laser levels are compatible to attach to most standard camera tripod stands. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Hultafors take the extra step to give the option of their own stand. It’s made from robust aluminum, maintaining its strength, yet keeping it light in weight and easy to transport as it folds up too. With adjustable feet it can be placed and leveled using the bubble incorporated. Standing at 42cm, it can be adjusted to extend up to 120cm, which is almost 4ft.

The receiver is nice and slim, and very simple to use. It makes it easier for reading the laser lines over long distances from 1 metre up to 80 metres. It works when the laser is in the pulse mode, which actually save energy and extends battery life by up to 60 per cent. It has two accuracy settings you can switch between; rough (+/- 2mm) or fine (+/- 0.5mm). The volume can be adjusted between three levels, so you can still hear the signal even in noisy environments. If noise is a problem you have the option to work it mute. Then there is the back-lit display that’s on both the front and the back that tells you if you need to go up or down. This means you don’t have to awkwardly keep looking over the receiver when it’s attached to the receiver bracket, which can be mounted to a rod or even a length of timber.

Similar to the tripod stand, the receiver bracket has two vials to keep it straight in either vertical or horizontal directions. This bracket has a spring loaded clamping system which allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust it and clamp it to the required thickness. To top it off there’s a magnet at the top of the receiver allowing it to be mounted to the object you’re trying to level off, meaning both of your hands are free.

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