A deep dive into Hultafors’ new square models

A deep dive into Hultafors’ new square models

Hultafors is launching three new square models for professional craftsmen. A professional model, a lightweight model, and a successor to its adjustable mitre square Quattro. 

Both the professional and lightweight models resemble classic squares with black handles and 45mm wide steel blades. A new feature is that the professional and Quattro models have scribing notchesa long row of holes in the middle of the blade that allows for cutting or drawing parallel along an edge. The professional model feels very solid in hand with an anodized aluminium stock and an extra thick blade. The lightweight model can live up to its name thanks to a stock made of ABS/PC plastic and a thinner blade.

The Quattro has a rotatable blade with fixed positions for 45, 90, and 135-degree angles and is also completely foldable. The blade can now rotate three-quarters of a turn, which means there are two positions where the blade is at a 90-degree angle. This provides the option to choose between a sharp outer corner, just like a regular square, and a rounded outer corner that’s helpful if, for example, some construction plastic or foam protrudes and obstructs in the corner where you are working. Another advantage is that if you work with thin sheet metal it can slide into the slit of the stock where the blade folds in, but if you turn the blade 270° you can use the back of the stock instead, where there is no slit.

However, Product Manager Peter Victorin does not only want to highlight the new features but also gladly talks about the quality. “Our squares are based on the fact that they are sometimes subjected to rather harsh treatment on construction sites. Therefore, we have not only worked on ensuring high angle accuracy but also that they must be very robust. A crucial part of our sustainability efforts is to ensure that our products have a long lifespan and can truly withstand the reality on modern construction sites. It has been a challenge, and we have put great energy into finding the right materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver both durability and high precision.”

The new squares are part of the manufacturer’s sustainability work, and Hultafors has invested in completely new production equipment for the squares. They are manufactured in one of its four European factories, and since 2018, they have managed to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from those factories by a whopping 70%. Furthermore, they have an ambition to continue with that work and by 2030, they aim to have reduced the footprint by 92% compared to the 2018 figures. But carbon dioxide reduction is not everything; another example is the scale on the blade, which is now laser-engraved instead of using a relatively chemical-intensive etching technique that was used in their old square models.

For further information on the Hultafors range of squares visit Smart squares for all kinds of jobs. (hultafors.co.uk).

To watch a video of the Hultafors Group Quattro Adjustable Mitre Square in action visit Adjustable miter square – Quattro 270 | Hultafors Tools.

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