Progress Claim: An Answer to Payment Woes?

Progress Claim: An Answer to Payment Woes?

An Australian website has now been launched in the UK to facilitate the payment process between contractors and subcontractors both large and small. Here, Professional Builder helps get to the bottom of how it could help you.

Q. What is

A. is the only purpose built collaborative cost management solution.

Our system meets the specific needs of the construction industry and enables contract parties to administer payment claims online, in seconds.

It saves users time, money and risk. Founded in 2011, is based in Australia, with a growing presence in Asia and Europe.

Q. Who uses it?

A. The solution is used by large and medium sized contractors and their subcontractors and consultants. Our customers include a growing list of Australia’s Top 100 builders and engineers.

Our management team has deep, international experience of the construction industry from both software and construction company backgrounds. is built in such a way that all parties to construction projects have the opportunity to benefit. This includes general contractors, subcontractors, asset owner/developers, financiers, consultants, architects and other stakeholders.

Q. It sounds complicated – are you sure anyone can use it?

A. Our clients have recognised that our sophisticated yet simple-to-use solution is rich in features that support all stakeholders within the construction supply chain.

This is backed by unmatched client service that ultimately drives user adoption, maximises return, mitigates risk and promotes project success.

Our automated online system eliminates manual data input tasks that are performed when lodging and processing payment claims and approvals, and is designed to save time and eliminate errors associated with manual processing.

Q. Most people already use spreadsheets or paper-based solutions, why should we use this system?

A. Quite simply the risks are reduced and the profits can be increased simply by switching to our method. 20 per cent of all commercial construction projects involve disputes, with the minimum average cost of a single dispute estimated at £22,000 and much more if it goes to court!

By reducing disputes, contract parties can not only save significant costs but also operate their businesses with greater surety around cash flow.

The system is specifically designed to achieve cost reduction to all contract counterparties as well as to better manage time and risks arising from inconsistent processes

Q. Are there any benefits other than cost saving?

A. assists users to comply with common law contracts and Security of Payments Act requirements by providing compliant pro forma documentation and tools to ensure efficient and timely submittal.

It is designed specifically for collaborative processes, facilitating the sharing and exchange of data both within and among organisations. Importantly, it can be seamlessly integrated and configured to work with existing accounting, enterprise resource planning and other document management systems.

Data, documents and information can be shared between organisations, in real time, so that all parties have a single view of the status of every contract.

Q. It sounds like it could be quite useful. Could you break down for me what the system will actually do for its users?

A. Well, for sub-contractors it facilitates timely preparation and submittal of claims and improves the accuracy and presentation of claims.

It provides a tool for reporting and managing variations, so they can be monitored over a period of time. It provides the opportunity for reasons to be given for unpaid claims and variations as well.

For owners, developers and consultants, the cloud-based software provides improved communication which in turn reduces the likelihood of disputes. It also produces professional payment certificates instantly for clients. Critically, it reduces administration overheads.

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