PLANO tool bags and belts available from Hyde

PLANO tool bags and belts available from Hyde

The PLANO brand of pouches, bags and belts are now available in the UK through Hyde.

The PLANO brand was founded in 1932 and was the first to produce quality polypropylene toolboxes. Today, the manufacturer offers a wide range of pouches and belts to suit the needs of the modern tradesperson, helping them work harder and smarter.

A highlight of the PLANO range is a selection of pouches, all made from heavy duty reinforced material, that can be quickly and easily attached and detached from a workman’s toolbelt, ensuring they approach every job well tooled up. The PLANO Multi-Tiered Tool Pouch, for example, has tiered pockets for carrying a variety of tools, while smaller pouches are available specifically for carrying items such as nails, drills and hammers.

Ideal for tradespeople who frequently work at ground level, the PLANO Pouch with Kickstand can be positioned on the floor for easy reach with no fear of it falling over and loss of tools, while the Plano Pouch with Shoulder Strap is one of the largest items in the range and makes it easy to carry tools around site in comfort, while keeping nicely organised.

The PLANO range also includes toolbelts, to which the pouches can be easily attached, a carpenter’s belt, plus a choice of bags and backpacks.




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