Makita single and two speed mixers

Makita single and two speed mixers

Makita has introduced a new series of paddle mixers to assist painters, plasterers, floor screed applicators and others who require mixing capacity for paints, resins, plaster, glue, cement and other high and low viscosity materials.

These new mixers have twin-grip handles with the on/off button conveniently located on the hand grip. Two- speed models have the gear selection control on the motor body and feature

  • 850watt to 1800watt models
  • 30kg to 80kg load capacity
  • Up to 580rpm available

The new UT range of mains powered mixers offers mixing speeds from as low as 210rpm for a full 80kg load from the most powerful UT1600 mixer, to the high speed 400rpm from the 850watt UT1200 mixer suitable for smaller loads of 30kg. These new, high-torque machines are available in either 110volt or 240volt options and all have M14 female threads to accept the most popular paddles.

The manufacturers also offer a range of mixing paddles in their comprehensive accessory range.

The most powerful mixer in the new Makita range is the UT1600 which, with a 180mm diameter paddle, will turn 80kgs of high viscosity material such as quartz filled epoxy resins, floor screeds, sealing compounds or gypsum. The 240v model has an 1800watt motor to run to 250rpm in low gear and 580rpm in high gear.

The 110v version is rated at 1500watts and rotates to 210rpm and 480rpm in high gear. This powerful mixer weighs just 7.1kg and will save many hours of tiring manual stirring!

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