KNIPEX BiX® cutter for plastic pipes and sealing sleeves

KNIPEX BiX® cutter for plastic pipes and sealing sleeves

The KNIPEX BiX® cuts plastic pipes and sealing sleeves without shavings and is so compact that it fits in one hand. The blade of the practical tool for use in plumbing and electrical applications can be used in two positions: In the middle for regular cutting of various pipe diameters, or with the external blade, enabling sealing sleeves to be cut close to the wall. KNIPEX BiX® is a solution that will enable you to work professionally in accordance with DIN 18534.  

The KNIPEX BiX® (90 22 10) pipe cutter can be used to cut plastic pipes and sealing sleeves cleanly without shavings. The innovative hand tool fits comfortably in one hand. It can be used to cut high-temperature plastic drain pipes and empty electrical conduits in no time and with little effort. The KNIPEX BiX® is suitable for unreinforced plastic pipes with a diameter of 20 to 50 millimetres and a wall thickness of up to 2.4 millimetres.  

The blade unit integrated in the tool can be rotated by 180°. The blade can thus be attached in the centre of the tool to cut plastic pipes of various diameters to length or to reliably cut sealing sleeves two to three millimetres from the wall with the blade positioned on the outside. This setting ensures that work can be carried out correctly in accordance with DIN 18534, so that moisture is reliably deflected. With this new type of tool, KNIPEX is offering a solution for compliance with the DIN standard that will protect walls from long-term damage and leaks. The KNIPEX BiX® can be reliably locked with a small blue latch for safe transport.  

The pipe cutter comes with two spare blades, which as the already installed blade, are made of special surgical stainless steel “Made in Solingen”. The tool itself is cast from sturdy, fibreglass-reinforced plastic and carries the characteristic KNIPEX red with a blue logo.

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