Hand-Made Clay Roof Tiles From Brookhurst

Hand-Made Clay Roof Tiles From Brookhurst

Nearly fifty thousand Brookhurst hand-made plain clay roofing tiles adorn and protect a stylish Scandia-Hus residence in West Sussex.

Brookhurst tiles are made from the highest quality clay material using traditional hand moulding and coal firing techniques. Whilst these glorious traditions are maintained Brookhurst tiles meet the highest technical standards and are fully compliant with BSEN 538 and 539 test standards for strength, durability and weather protection.

The Sussex residence is located in rolling countryside on a former orchard site acquired with a small cottage which was demolished.

Planners approved the elegant design for the new-build property prepared for the client by Giles Jollands Architect, Chichester, W Sussex, and Scandia-Hus.

Scandia-Hus homes are timber frame, high quality energy efficient buildings that meet the Code for Sustainable Homes’ highest standards using the latest Swedish build technology.

The palette of materials was prepared by Scandia-Hus and approved by the client. Having previously used Brookhurst hand-made tiles on a number of properties, Scandia-Hus was confident in this selection and the colour ways certainly compliment the brickwork of the building.

The Brookhurst tiles were supplied by Brian Gow Roofing Supplies Ltd of Scaynes Hill, Sussex and are a strongly recommended tile range.

“These are a true hand-made clay tile and a high quality product that is excellent value for money,” says Keith Page of BGRS.

Storm Roofing was appointed specialist contractor also with previous experience of Scandia-Hus construction and a regular installer of Brookhurst tiles.

Managing Director, Ray Bunker, is full of praise for these handmade products. “Brookhurst tiles are very good to work with. The profiles are very accurate so it is easy to get a high standard of bond.

“This clay is superb and gives us good cutting strength where needed. I have been using Brookhurst products for some years now and we have never had to return to a job. We were on site in Kirdford for twelve weeks and the result is a really attractive property.”

Brookhurst plain clay roof tiles are hand-made following the traditional methods that have evolved since the 3rd millennium BC.

Blocks of selected clay from a private quarry are thrown on to sanded wooden moulds, cut, flattened and shaped by skilled hands. The tiles are fired in coal-fired kilns at 1070° for more than six days and then cooled slowly.

The Brookhurst traditional tile range features nine standard colours; the colours span from mature dark brown to strong orange likened to Sussex Wealden clay; a dark established feel for Classic, a powerful red single colour just with shades set by the proximity to the fire itself and various blends of colours including the popular Multi, the flagship blend of all the fired colours.

The soft sand granulation on the surface allows the tiles to weather and mellow rapidly; this aging gives the impact of a matured roof in a very short time.

The artisan skills of Brookhurst production has also founded a vast inventory of bespoke designs, intricate and unique shapes and varied components with refined colour matches essential where extensive renovation is undertaken with conservation regulations in place.

Brookhurst offers this bespoke facility alongside the high quality, high capacity plain tile supply chain.

Brookhurst tiles reflect the elegance of tradition coupled with the highest technical standards worldwide exceeding frost test standards to offer well over 100 years of protection, supreme flexural strength test standards and advanced permeability testing to provide a waterproof home with a 30 year manufacturing guarantee.

For further information visit www.sahtas.co.uk

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